Hidden Gems Of NWOBHM

The New Wave of British Heavy Metal suffered the same decline as many other musical movements. Many of the movement’s leaders were unable to follow up on their initial successes. In addition, many bands moved further away from the era towards hard rock, with Def Leppard targeting the American market with a more refined sound and Iron Maiden adopting a more progressive style, but there are some hidden gems of NWOBHM.

In 1980 British record label Logo Records released an album compilation of various obscure NWOBHM bands.

The Idea behind this article is to make heavy metal fans aware about these bands lost in time.

The Tracklist Is:

01. Turbo – Running
02. Buffalo – Battle Torn Heroes
03. Streetfighter – She’s No Angel
04. Stormtrooper – Grind ‘n’ Heat
05. Tarot – Feel The Power
06. Bastille – Hard Man
07. Oxym – Hot Rain
08. Dawnwatcher – Firing On All Eight
09. Vardis – If I Were King (N.E.W. Take)
10. Silverwing – Rock & Roll Are Four Letter Words
11. Rhabstallion – Chain Reaction
12. Colossus – Holding Back Your Love
13. Jedediah Strut – Workin’ Nights
14. Warrior – Still On The Outside
15. Kosh – The Hit
16. Race Against Time – Bedtime

Stream The Album Below:


For Download Links Click Here


Written By: Malignantor



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