Blind Fury – Out Of Reach Review

This wonderful New Wave of British Heavy Metal band is a side project of the band members of Satan. However, the epic nature of this album makes us yearn for more albums from this band/ project.

The album opens up with the track “Do it Loud” and Lou Taylor does create a vocal ambience of power, opera, range and loudness. The twin guitar attacks of Russ Tippins and Steve Ramsey adds to the much dimensions and much to the key elements of the musicianship. The title track of the album comes in next, and is a heavy metal ballad. The album reaches it halfway mark with the track “Contact Rock and Roll”. A blend of solos, harmony of some of the best guitar playing, some memorable singalong riffs and solos, and the overall blasting of drums, makes the album to come to an end with a seven minute long track “Dance of the Crimson Lady”, with a majestic and melodic arpeggio intro.

Overall a wonderful album put out by the finest musicianship of Satan, and Angel Witch. A must listen album for any fans of NWOBHM, heavy metal, speed metal and power metal. Unfortunately, the band never lasted beyond an album to give us more masterpieces like this.

Associated acts/ listen: Angel Witch, Pariah, Raven, Satan, Skyclad, Warrior

Stream The Full Album Below:



Written by: Dessembrae




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