Pyramaze – Legend Of The Bone Carver


“Pyramaze” is a Danish power/ progressive band, and this is the second album. This is a concept album which tells the story about how the world is slowly consumed by evil and darkness, and a prophesized hero, a child, is going to save the world. The album art reflects the storyline.

Lance King’s vocals should be praised here. His style of deliverance makes the storyline come alive. Jonah Weingarten’s work with the keys adds to the beauty of the environment, and helps to setup the overall environment and mood of the album, going from joyous, to dark, grim and then war-themed. Christina Öberg, used as a guest vocalist adds to the vocal dynamics with her voice in the song, “Blood Red Skies” and the power ballad, “She Who Summoned Me”. One of the highlight of the album is often the storyline told as a voice to help the listener follow the storyline linearly.


Overall, this album is a great listen for any power/ progressive metal band follower. “Pyramaze” with this album is slowly making a mark for themselves and writing their name along the likes of bands like “Pagan’s Mind” and “Lanfear”.

Associated acts/ listen: Balance of Power, Lanfear, Pagan’s Mind

Written By: Dessembrae

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