Verbal Razors (Fra) – Interview

Verbal Razors Is A Crossover/Thrash Metal Band Hailing From France.They Were Recently Interview By Planet Caravan. Read It Below


1) Verbal Razors was formed in 2008. What is the story behind the band’s formation and has the bands name got anything to do with Exodus song, Verbal Razors?


First of all, we are French, so we don’t speak English very well… Sorry !

We meet each other on 2008, we talk about music and realize that we all wanted to do something between metal and punk. The name ‘verbal razors‘ is a veiled reference to the Exodus song on Fabulous Disaster. For us, it symbolize the rock n’roll spirit in ‘extreme’ music.


2) What are your primary influences? What kind of music did you guys grow up listening to?


From Spermbirds to Accept ! We listen every kind of music : Soul, Hip-hop, Glam rock, Hard rock, early Hardcore and Metal, etc. From all over the World.


3) Do you draw any non-musical influences into your music? Mention the themes that you incorporate in your music.


Of course. But it’s hard to explain. We built ourselves with many influences, the list is too long to be describe…. About the lyrics, the influences are the social and political context. But in Verbal Razors, lyrics often work like metaphors, there’s always a free interpretation. We don’t talk about zombies, game of throne, call of duty, tits n’ beers… And we prefer talk about life rather than death.


4) Verbal Razors are a crossover thrash metal band. What is of primary importance in your compositions?




5) How is Verbal Razors different from the other thrash metal bands?


We can’t talk about that. Everyone else is better positioned to judge.


6) How has the bands sound progressed since your early days and has there been any line-up changes?


Our first bass player have gone. About the song writing, we do with our feeling, the metal-riff energy and punk vocals come naturally.


7) Verbal Razors are all set to release their next album “Misleading Innocence”. What can the fans expect from the upcoming album?


We have no fans !.. We hope that can change with this album. Hahaha. The Rock n’roll aspect is more than ever present. It have been written faster than the first LP. So maybe it’s more coherent. The sound is good, it’s natural and powerful, far from usual packaging production….


8) How is metal in France?


French metal is like English wine. Hahaha.

More seriously, we play with many different band styles (Crust, Hardcore, Punk, Metal, Power violence, Zouk…). As said Lemmy, there are no good or bad styles but only good or bad bands. So to answer to your question, there are pretty good metal bands and pretty shit metal bands in France…


9) How much do you guys think the presence of a ‘scene’ is important for the growth of metal?


It depend of what you talk about. Of course, a « scene » is always essential for the music development. But Metal purpose is not to spread more and more. There is a main stream scene for metal. Is that main stream scene will save metal spirit ?  We don’t think so…


In France, there are many metal bands in underground but the public don’t give a shit. We have to say honestly that metal band are often pile of shit… We love that style but it is polluted by many people with a broomstick in the ass (French expression…).


The metal public in France go to festivals to see the stars but don’t go so much in the bars to discovering some new bands. Punk Hardcore scene is much more develop in underground. Small metal festivals are cool in France.

In short, it’s always hard to have a global opinion.



10) What are your views on the old school/new age music dispute among many metalheads?


We find that ridiculous. As an exemple, the old school thrash exist since 1983, new school thrash exist since 1990… Everything is say. Who can claim that he’s playing a new age or modern style in metal universe ?

At the end, the more important for a band is to live for the stage. No wank, no pose. What are the motivations for a real band ? To meet people, not get drunk always at the same bar, to discovering what exist behind our lives, etc.



11) What are your views on the commercialization of underground music? Do you think commercialization results in growth?


For bands like us, commercialization have more negative points than positive :

– no control on album or merchandising prices (we always take care of proposing low prices)

– no control on place to play. If we want to play in a garage, we can do it, nobody can say to us you cannot do this, it’s in the contract, With commercialization, you have less boring things to do (booking date, negotiation for money, etc.) but the price to pay is that you lost your complete liberty.



12) Terrorism has no religion. Your views on that ?


There is a link between terrorism and religion. What a better motivation than : if I do that, I will save my soul for all eternity.

Most of terrorists need a religion to justify their murders. This religion is nowadays very often Islam. In another time it have been Christianity. We can talk too about the occidental terrorism who can kill and destroy for his god : Money…

At the end the purpose is always the same : power (with or without help of god).



13) What other things do you guys do other than playing kickass thrash metal? Any other interests and goals apart from music?


Pierrot (Drums) : My son, animals and nature (even more if it’s wild), tranquility (the true rare treasure of modern life)…


Matthieu (Guitar) : I’m a comics colorist and it’s a full time occupation but working is not everything: friends and having fun, fishing, reading, listening to music & discovering new bands, all those things are part of my everyday life.


Vincent (Bass) : I draw some life lasting drawings on people’s skins and that gives me quite a lot of goals to achieve if I want to do it right.


Simon (Vocals) : I organize some shows with some friends of mine in my hometown “Tours”.

I also have a music show called “No fun” broadcasted on a local radio called “Radio Béton”. When the weather gets nice, I enjoy skateboarding… well that’s the excuse I find to drink with my mates.

I also play guitar in another band called “Ed Warner”, some hardcore music with some touches of fastcore and crust into it.

And I do spend a lot of Sundays watching the American football season.


14) Anything you want to say to the people who are reading this?


A big HELLO from France ! And a big THANK YOU for your interest and support.

Stream Their Self Titled Full Length Below :


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