Chthe’ilist – Le Dernier Crépuscule Review


Chthe’ilist formed in 2010 released their demo entitled “Amechth’ntaas’m’rriachth” way back in 2012 and it took them 4 years to come up with their debut album “Le Dernier Crépuscule”. The past few years have seen a sudden revival of Death Metal and Chthe’ilist has only reaffirmed the rise of Death Metal from the catacombs of stagnation. Chthe’ilist’s sound borders along the lines of Finnish Death Metal, drawing influences from Demilich, Adramelech and the likes. Talking of the album, three of the seven tracks are re-recorded versions of songs off the demo and the entire album clocks at approximately 53 minutes.

When you play the album you could instantly recognize the Demilich-esque sound but Chthe’ilist is not a straight out tech-death outfit, the sound is a more of a blend of Finnish Death with elements of tech-death and massive atmosphere.

The intro “Le Dernier Crépuscule” is a grand declaration of the forthcoming aural torture that is set to take place as it slowly builds up pace and gives away to the second track “Into the Vaults of Ingurgitating Obscurity” which is a little over 7 minutes and one of my favorite tracks of the album. It’s slow, intense and ghoulish to say the least.

The third track “Voidspawn” was released by the band as a promo and was a clear indicator of how great the album would shape out to be, the riffs are chaotic and cuts through the dense, murky atmosphere. The highlight of this track, and perhaps the album, are the leads.

If I had to pick a personal favorite from the album, “Vecoiitn’aphnaat’smaala” would be the one. The song builds up so nicely, the demented frog-like croaks of Philippe Tougas, the perfectly timed breaks, the leads, the bass work, the clean sung chants, everything about the song is just so fascinating. Pure fucking Demilich worship done here.

“Tales of the Majora Mythos Part 1” is the last and the longest song in the album, almost twice as long as the other songs in the album. The song starts in its usual slow, doomy paced way as it sets the mood for another bone-chilling tale of the netherworld and picks up pace with a screech reminiscent of Slayer’s “Angel Of Death”. All hell breaks loose 11:10 onwards.

Talking of the album in its entirety, it has its flaws and you might feel some of the songs drag a wee bit too much and the song structures works with the same formulae over and over again but as a whole the entire output is very solid.

An excellent debut album and this might very well be one of the highlights of the ongoing year.

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Written By: The Scene Kid


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