Inferi – Shores of Sorrow Review


Shores of Sorrow” is the first full length album released in 2006 by this one man Black metal band, Inferi, hailing from Finland. Fyrdkal is the brainchild of Inferi, and he controls all the vocals and instruments.

The album consists of four tracks, and it begins with a twelve minutes long track called “To the once so Sad World”, and the album could not have begun in a more fitting way. An acoustic harmony/ arpeggio plays throughout the whole track, and is accompanied by a gritty, raw guitar riff and cold vocals and screams/ shrieks of Fyrdkal. The album goes deeper and the lyrics of this album is just bone chilling, depressed, and misanthropic.

Dance of Shadows” is the second track, another twelve minute long track and a wonderful composition. A constant beat of drums accompany a saturnine riff. A blend of acoustic harmony and solo only adds to the depth, layer and beauty to this composition. Two tracks down, and the album ends with a fourteen minutes long track called “What Once Shinned”, a slow dark setting of environment, only to make way to a galloping desolate riff and the blasts of drums, and the chilling shrieks.


This album is a must listen for any worshipers of underground black metal cult and deserves a much more acclaim and recognition. This is a class act and it deserves to be credited as a modern day Black metal classic.

Associated acts/ listen :Burzum, Kadotus, Vulture

Written by: Dessembrae


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