Burial Dust- Oshubho Ahobaan

Oh! Bangladesh, you never fail to amaze me. At one side we have the mighty Orator, Nafarmaan and on the other side we have relatively new bands creating quite a stir in the metal underground. Burial Dust is one such act. They were formed at the tail end of 2013 and it took them 3 long years to come up with their debut EP, titled ‘Oshubho Ahobaan’ (“Ominous Call” in English).  Before I begin the review I want to congratulate Qabar Extreme Music Pr. on the promo package, it was excellently done.

The EP starts off with the title track ‘Oshubho Ahobaan’, which is one of the best album openers I’ve heard. The music creates such a beautiful surreal atmosphere, a sense of mystique takes over you.


The second track ‘Where Is Your Rahmaa’ is the longest track in the EP, and instantly you can recognize the Mayhem, Beherit influences. It’s fast, aggressive and raw. ‘A Call from Home’ borders along the same line as that of the previous track, very nicely-paced with excellent vocals and a sick guitar solo. You could feel the wrath of the elder Gods as you scream and beg for forgiveness.

Sandshaded Mausoleum’ is my favorite track of the EP. Brilliance, this is absolute brilliance. Starting off with a Darkthrone-esque riff, the song is about the ancient Egyptian King Tutankhamun. It talks about his birth, succession as king, his murder and the occult mystery that lies within his tomb till today. This track truly brings out the essence of Burial Dust and reminds me of the mighty Weapon at parts.

Not the biggest fan of the production quality though, felt a bit hollow at places (perhaps it’s just me who feels this way) but overall an excellent debut and a fitting tribute to the chaotic years of the second wave of Black Metal.

Burial Dust Is:
Necrophiliac – Dead Inhalation

Naamrood – Bestial Blast

Diabolus – Satanic Slap

Turaghh – Six String Chaos


Written By: The Scene Kid


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