A Rebel Few Premiere New Track ‘Pure Revolution’

A heavy hitter of Southern rock with an injection of groove, Cambridge, ON’s A REBEL FEW is comprised of ex-West Memphis Suicide members Chris Raposo (Vocals-Guitar), Barry Martin (Guitar), Chris Spiers (Drums) along with Adam Shortreed (Bass). Playing music to fill the void not only for themselves, but for those who connect with their sound, the band has already shared the stage with Steel Panther, Jackyl, Skid Row, Killer Dwarfs, Anvil, Kill Devil Hill, Texas Hippie Coalition, My Darkest Days, The Headstones, and Danko Jones all before their debut album ‘As The Crow Flies’ is set for release on April 22nd, 2016.

Produced by Sterling Winfield (Pantera, Damageplan, Hellyeah, Texas Hippie Coalition) and mastered by Howie Weinberg (Rush, Aerosmith, Van Halen, Beastie Boys, Pantera), ‘As The Crow Flies’ is ready to impact your speakers with its heavy guitars, huge rhythm section and a gravel-blasted soulful voice for straight up in your face rock n roll to add to their lyrical themes of empowerment and overcoming the worst in life as they see it.

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Teaming up with PureGrainAudio.com, the quartet is proud to unleash their second single ‘Pure Revolution’, which can be heard by clicking Here.

Vocalist Chris Raposo comments on the track:

It’s about not putting too much energy and stock into the negative energies that surround people… and knowing your value and the value of those who want you because of simply who you are, nothing more… it’s a revolution in thought and action towards the ones that underestimate… once we find ourselves, were all a force to be reckoned with and it’s up to us to show them what we got.


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1. Born Again (4:06)
2. Rebel Few (4:20)
3. Empires Fall (3:39)
4. Dyin’ Breed (3:57)
5. Said n Done (4:12)
6. Serious (6:26)
7. Who Knows (4:54)
8. Bitter Man (4:06)
9. Pure Revolution (4:51)
Source: Asher Media



Strangulate – Catacombs Of Decay Review

The city of Kolkata seems to be on a dry spell considering classic old school death metal releases in the recent times with bands like Purgation Inc. and In Human remaining somewhat inactive in the scene. But soon we are to see Strangulate release their debut album, “Catacombs of Decay” and I have been really lucky to get my hands on this. Strangulate started out as a grindcore act in 2012 but gradually over the years they have shifted to raw old school death metal. Now in 2016, they have finally succeeded in coming out with an album having eight bone crushing tracks. The album has been created under the label of Transcending Obscurity who launched Third Soveireign’s “Perversion Swallowing Sanity” just a few days back.

“Catacombs of Decay’ has been recorded by Denzil Davidson (guitars and bass), Subasish Mitra (vocals) and Prakash Paul as a session drummer. The production quality is not top notch or crystal clear like the modern death metal bands and that makes the album preserve the essence of death metal.  The songs sound like as if they have been recorded in the late 80s or the early 90s and we are reminded of the Barnes era Cannibal Corpse, along with death metal acts of that time like Morbid Angel, Vader and Suffocation.
The fast paced brutal attack of the guitars and the double bass drums start from the first song, “Barbaric Decadence” and continue throughout the eight songs. However there are occasional changes of tempo and lightning fast solos on almost every song and these should make all death metal lovers hook onto this album. Although all songs start off with fast blast beats and guitars, there are also songs like “Orchestrated Massacre” which start off slow but pick up pace later on.

The lyrics are full of themes of torture, blood, horror and suffering and the vocals are a lot like Cannibal Corpse, as I have said before. It is however very difficult to choose a song that I liked the most from this album as all the songs are equally brilliant and will give everyone 33 minutes of sheer head banging pleasure.  But the song that stood out to my ears is definitely “Misogynistic Horror” with the short bass solo that goes on into blasting riffs. Denzil has done an equally epic job with the bass as much as he has done with the guitars. The drums have also been programmed with perfection and Prakash has executed them very well.
Overall, it is a great release and I would recommend this to any death metal lover.


1.Barbaric Decadence
2.Primordial Execution
3.Dungeons of Despair
4.Misogynistic Horror
5.Orchestrated Massacre
6. Humanity’s End
7. Blood and Bones
8. Catacombs of Decay



Denzil Davidson  – Guitars and Bass
Subasish Mitra – Vocals
Prakash Paul – Drums

Written By : Spiritcrusher

Exumer – The Raging Tides Review

Germany is known for producing acts that are among the best in the world, and Frankfurt based Exumer formed in 1985 by vocalist/bassist Mem Von Stein and guitarist Ray Mensch is no exception.  Their album Possessed by Fire is a treasure in underground music. However, they disbanded in 1991 after producing two demos and two albums. They came back in 2009 and released Fire and Damnation in 2012. Well, now they are back with another album The Raging Tides, produced at the Waldstreet Sound in Dortmund by producer Waldemar Soychta who has also worked with Sodom.
The new album features the two founding members Stein and Mensch and it has more of original tracks than their last one which had a few renditions of songs from their older records. Now talking about the sound of the album, elements of the good old Teutonic thrash of the likes of Kreator, Sodom (post Persecution Mania) and Destruction can be seen. However the album also seems to be influenced by Exodus as the guitarists Ray Mensh and Marc Brutus approaches the tracks in the ways of Gary Holt and Rick Hunolt, also paying homage to the style of Hanneman and King as well.

The starting track instantly sets the atmosphere for some bone crushing thrash metal of the old days and it moves along the line of Exodus and the riffs do somewhat sound like their song ‘Deranged.” The raw and powerful vocals of Mem V. Stein with the raspy barks and the occasional misspelt words contribute greatly to the classic thrashy feel of the songs. “Brand of Evil’ moves along the same lines and the third track “Catatonic” takes on a different direction with the double bass intro and the Seek and Destroy-ish sound later on. The next three songs more or less move on the same pattern of the kick-snare with Sacred Defense having an exuberant solo and Sinister Souls having the Kerry King influenced whammy dives. “Shadow Walker”, with its fear inducing haunting intro and the feel on the solo is a personal favorite and it somewhat stands out from the other songs, in my opinion. ‘There Will Always be Blood’ screams of Exodus influences, despite being one of the best songs of the album and Death Factory has huge Destruction influences. The album also has two covers at the end and the slow sound of the band on “Forever My Queen’ does not live up to the marks of the other tracks.
However, the album has delivered old wine in a new bottle quite well and this will definitely make thrash maniacs happy.

01. The Raging Tides
02. Brand Of Evil
03. Catatonic
04. Sacred Defense
05. Welcome To Hellfire
06. Sinister Souls
07. Shadow Walker
08. There Will Always Be Blood
09. Dark Reflections
10. Death Factory
11. Forever My Queen (Pentagram cover; bonus track)
12. Hostage To Heaven (Grip Inc. cover; bonus track)


Ray Mensh – Guitars
Matthias Kassner – Drums
Mem Von Stein – Vocals, Bass
T. Schiavo – Bass
Marc Bräutigam – Guitars

Written By: Spiritcrusher

Vindland -Hanter Savet Review

“Hanter Savet” is Vindland’s first full length album released this year. What took me as a surprise is the fact that this six piece French Black/ Viking metal band was formed way back in 2005, so it took almost more than a decade to release their first album. However, if the album is such a majestic one, who the hell cares?

“Hanter Savet” begins with the track “Orin kozh”: with a raw signature Black Metal riff, screeching vocals, but what took me by off my edge is the usage of unadulterated acoustic guitar in the middle way of the section. A wonderfully composed acoustic guitar solo adds to the beauty and diversity of this band. Camile and Johnny with their guitar co-ordination add a true layer and depth of the nature and the majestic pieces like this that stands out throughout the album.

Romuald with his cold, screeches and high pitched vocals just equally brilliant task with the second track of the album, “Treuzwelus”, and Mael with his keyboards does the album justice in every sense, and adds on with a new layer, dimension and direction. This little over six minute track comes to an end, with any listener headbanging like a maniac.


The majority of the themes behind Vindland’s lyrics are Nordic folklore, and nature. By far the best keyboard solo of the album comes in the third track of the album, “Serr-nozz”: another wonderfully thought out and composed track. A wonderful acoustic solo begins the next track of the album, “Pedenn koli”. On a side note, Marc is beast with the drum kit. Period. Go fuck yourself if you beg to differ.





A blaze of thunder, clouds drifting, and a flash of rainfall, with howling winds begins the eighth and the longest track of the album named “Skeud ar gwez”. This is my personal favorite track of the whole album: A blend of acoustic arpeggios, a mix of keys, and a wonderful closure to a nicely written track in every way of songwriting. The album draws to a conclusion with the ninth track and the penultimate track, “And the battle ended”.

Overall, “Hanter Savet” is a treat for any metalhead. A perfect album in any every sense of songwriting, atmosphere, and headbanging. The production of the album is pitch perfect and it sets the album in the right direction. “Hanter Savet” is a must listen, so what the hell are you waiting for?

Written by: Dessembrae 

Artillery Interview With Michael Stutzer

Recently Planet Caravan took an interview of Artillery’s lead guitarist Michael Stutzer.

Read it below:


1.  Hey Michael, it’s an honor to be talking to you. Artillery is all set to release their 8th studio album, so when is it releasing?

Thanks a lot, It’s releasing on 25/3 2016.

2.  What are your future tour plans?

Right now we are looking at a few other offers, but we do have a small tour in Spain this April and a tour in South America in May. Anything else is pretty much up in the air but we have offers from Europe and USA we would like to do. 

3. Would you enlighten us on what “Penalty By Perception” going to be like musically and lyrically?

I suppose a little bit heavier than “Legions”, but it contains a lot of the melody from that album too. Some elements are maybe a bit more old school, were as other places we try out something completely new. Lyrically we touch upon subjects regarding the state of our world today. Injustice, philosophy and existence.

4. How would you like to compare the sound on the new album with previous Artillery records?

A little heavier I think. More drums. There is a nice punch to it.

5. We have very often seen great releases get completely fucked up because of poor production, what is your take on the issue? How much of a say do the band members have regarding production on your albums?

Quite alot. We have every opportunity to say what we think and feel about the sound production on the album. Our producer Søren Andersen would even do pre-masters during the recording process so that we early on could agree upon the sound.


6. On a personal note, “By Inheritance” is my all time favorite Artillery record and I have always been fascinated by the use of Eastern musical influences on that album, how did that happen?

It all really started in 1989 when we was touring in Russia near the Afghanian border and we were sitting in this train driving almost 3000 km hearing that Arabian music all the times and songs like Khomaniac, 7 am from Tashkent and Don’t Believe was written on that trip.


7. Whenever we think of metal from Denmark, King Diamond’s name always creeps up. How much of an influence has his work been on Artillery?

I will Say Mercyful Fate has had a lot of impact on the early days of Artillery and on our new album we had both Denner and Hank playing a solo each on the song Cosmic Brain which was great.

8. Artillery’s present vocalist used to play in a King Diamond/Mercyful Fate tribute band. How did he happen to join Artillery?

We played together with his coverband and check him out both musically and as a human, then we played 2 shows with him which went really well and we gave him the offer.


9. You guys started way back in 1982 and at that time thrash metal was relatively new to the metal community, how was the band received by fans at its early stages?

People really didn’t understand what the hell we were doing and called us a punky version of motorhead, but then people got to know about Metallica, Exodus and Slayer and started to call us Thrash Metal.

10. You guys disbanded after releasing “By Inheritance”, what happened?

Some us really wanted to tour a lot and someone didn’t, so together with bad chemistry we slowly disbanded as it was difficult to support By Inheritance without touring.


11. What have been your major influences while growing up?

A lot of bands from Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Jethro Tull to Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Accept, later on Bands like Mercyful Fate, Metallica, Exodus and Savatage etc.

12. Artillery is over three decades old and you guys are still playing, recording albums, kicking ass. What has been the driving force for so many years?

Its very simple we just love to play and with those dedicated fans we have its very easy to continue in many years. We still have a lot of fun.

Check out the single from their new album “Penalty By Perception” releasing on 25th March below:


13. Do you still follow the present thrash scene? If so, what are your favorite acts?

There is still a lot of good bands coming out but thrash bands like Evile, Havok, Potential threat, Impalers and a lot of others still keeping the thrash alive.Also a lot of the old bands like Exodus, Slayer, Metal Church, Exumer and Destruction still put good records out.

14. Thanks for your time and all the very best for your upcoming release, any last words for the readers before signing off?

Yes thanks for the support, check out our latest video Live by the scythe and album Penalty by perception released by Metal Blade.

And hopefully we will come to your country and play.

Interview By: The Scene Kid


Haiduk – Demonicon Review


“Haiduk” is the solo death metal brainchild of guitarist/ vocalist Luka Milojica, from the slumbering forested land of Canada. “Demonicon” is the band’s second album released in 2015. The album cover could not have been more apt, a bent of demons twisted amongst each other on a blue background.

“Demonicon” begins with a three minute track “Syth”, a track full of hateful riffs, growls and a drum beat that goes as machine gun all through the album. A constant barrage of riffs filled with apathy goes through each of the track as the album progresses.


“Dreamris” begins with a constant hit and thrash of drums with a very intricate guitar riff, and the vocals does justice in every way possible. “Azyr”, the forth track of the album is an aggressive and raw, desolated chanting of death metal, the powerful distortion usage and the constant hammering of drums draws the listener into a world of magic, head bang, and death metal. The album finally comes to an end with the ninth and final track, “Xhandex” leaving the listener completely exhausted, with probably a cracked neck.

The production of the album is just pitch perfect. Robert Kukla manages the mastering of the album, and deserves a hell of lot of recognition and praise. Overall, an album filled with distorted, vengeful riffs, cannons of drumming, dark, gritty solos and raged vocal delivery. “Demonicon” is an awesome listen to any extreme metal listener out there. Hopefully, Milojica can achieve more of these in his future endeavors with “Haiduk”. Here’s to death, destruction and chaos!


Purchase The Album Here:



Written by: Dessembrae  

Abaddon – Son Of Hell Review

Firstly, I have been thrilled by the album at the very first listen. Coming from the so called rock and metal capital of India (Bangalore), Abaddon is a thrash metal band formed initially in 2012. They released their first EP Son of Hell in 2014 and it is currently being distributed by Transcending Obscurity.

The band sounds like a fusion of the NWOBHM bands like Iron Maiden, Saxon, Mercyful Fate and the early thrash metal bands. The first track “Terror in the Eyes of God” is very much Maiden influenced with the voice over preceeding the riff that follows in the lines of the NWOBHM legends. The melodic riffs and solos of Naag Bharath and Akash Ponanna are a pleasure to the ears. The second track also sounds like a Maiden song and the tolling bells at the intro almost made me think of Hallowed Be Thy Name. A turn towards thrash metal comes up on the instrumental track, ‘Violent Sage” with the drums and the guitars increasing pace and aggression.
The next track is probably the best one of this album. It is the longest song of the album and starts with a voice over that goes into Annihilator styled parts and the solos are brilliant on this. The final track kicks off with speed metal riffing and later continues on to be slower with solos and harmonies.
The only thing that could have been improved are the production quality and the backing vocals. Overall it is a great release and the mistakes and shortcomings are pardonable as it is the debut album of these guys and I hope that they will be better over the days. All heavy metal lovers should love this one.



  1. Terror In The Eyes Of God
  2.  Rise of the Undead
  3.  Violent Sage
  4.  Destruction Completes Creation
  5. Bullet Eye

Stream The Album Below :


To Purchase The Album From Transcending Obscurity Click Here


Naag Bharath – Guitars (rhythm)
Jehosh Gershom – Vocals (lead), Bass
Akash Ponanna – Guitars (lead)
Samarth Hegde – Drums