Canadian Black metal band Idolatry are set to release their debut full length, “Visions From The Throne Of Eyes” at the end of March, 2016 in CD format (LP version will be out in May, 2016) via Humanity’s Plague Productions . The quintet from Edmonton has already an EP and a split with US Black metal band Unrest under their belt.

When asked about Idolatry’s debut full length Lord Matzigkeitus stated, “Visions from the Throne is the evolution of Idolatry’s sharpening sword. Vast, richly layered evils, intent on killing, punishing. It is in parts ambient, in parts rabid fury. A swirling madness that conjures every sorcery this band ever hinted at and made exponentially and frighteningly real. There is no black metal album comparable to this one. It is unique in its sophisticated attack and scope…. Tie yourself to its cold table and let yourself be tortured.”

“Visions From The Throne Of Eyes” is expected to be a raw, sinister yet atmospheric slab of Black metal with lyrics adhering to the philosophies and teachings of Atheistic Satanism.

As of now, Idolatry has unveiled the second part of the title track, “Visions from the Throne of Eyes (Pt II)” for streaming.


See Idolatry perform their song “Anachronistic Might of Spellcasting”, which will be on Visions from the Throne of Eyes, live at the Crown of Viserys presented Black Mourning Light Metal Festival below:

You can order the album by sending a mail to

  • Track list:
    1. Visions from the Throne of Eyes (Pt. I)
    2. Thunder from the Depths
    3. Satanas Haxan
    4. Anachronistic Might of Spellcasting
    5. Cathartic Expulsion of Shrieking Sorrow
    6. Visions from the Throne of Eyes (Pt. II)
    7. Tiamatic Winds
    8. Illuminated Ominous Darkness
    9. Imperator Nero Murmurationis Hortum



Lörd Matzigkeitus –Vocals

Lycaon Vollmond-Guitars

Nox Invictus-Guitars

Fulgur Exorcista-Bass

Daemonikus Abominor– Drums


Written By: The Scene Kid


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