De Profundis- Kingdom Of The Blind Review

At the very outset I’ve got to say ‘Kingdom Of The Blind’ has been quite an experience. De Profundis started as a doom metal outfit and slowly they have shifted more towards ‘progressive extreme metal’. “Kingdom Of The Blind” is their 4th studio album released in 2015 under Wickerman Recordings.

Death metal without any doubt has taken a more inventive and experimental outlook in the past few years with bands like Horrendous, Tribulation, Morbus Chron (R.I.P.) delving into more intricate and progressive territories.

In this record the band’s various elements and influences had been stitched together, with bits of Death, Black, and Prog, giving birth to a gripping and intriguing listen, i.e. “Kingdom Of The Blind”.


The album begins with an engaging and evocative instrumental slowly fading away to give into ‘Kult Of The Orthodox’, a sensational melodic black metal track. For some reason this song reminded me of Sacramentum’s magnum opus ‘Far Away From The Sun’ (maybe it’s just me).

Formed around a complex pattern of intermeddling riffs from guitarists Paul Nazarkardeh and Soikot Sengupta, songs like “Illumination” and “All Consuming” pack an incredible punch. The band starts to grow very imaginative from this point onwards and technical elegance makes De Profundis a very different beast.

One can’t help but be reminded of Death’s progressive metal era because of the jazzy guitar work. With a plethora of inventive riffs, eloquent drum work, and imaginative bass lines, ‘Kingdoms of the Blind’ is undoubtedly one of the best songs in the album.

‘Beyond The Threshold’ goes from pounding riffs to blasting tremolos to a brooding solo and back to more riffs all in the passage of 5 and a half minutes. The standout feature of the album has to be the bass and rhythm sections which help the album to flow through effortlessly without making it sound over-ambitious or monotonous.

Overall, De Profundis’ “Kingdom Of The Blind” is a must listen and now I am having this sudden urge to listen to lots and lots of Watchtower. AAARGGGGGHHHH !!!!!

De Profundis Is:

Craig Land – Vocals

Shoi Sen – Guitars

Paul Nazarkardeh – Guitars

Arran McSporran – Fretless Bass

Tom Atherton – Drums


Written By: The Scene Kid



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