Primal Fear – Rulebreaker Review


Primal Fear” does not need any introduction to any of the avid old school heavy metal headbanger out there. “Rulebreaker” is the band’s latest release, and the band gives a top notch performance. “Rulebreaker” is a length album of fourteen tracks, but that has been the signature of the band since its inception.

The album opens with a little over three minute long track called “Angels of Mercy” and needless to say it’s a perfect beginning to any heavy metal album. Ralf Scheepers voice sounds as fresh, as it can be, with his screams and falsettos adding to give an extra dimension. Two major solos down, and a sing along ends the song and leaves any listener yearning for more. The album moves to the third track, “Bullets and Tears” with a sing along riff, a perfect heavy metal lyrics. A blast of twin guitar attack begins the title track of the album, “Rulebreaker”.


The band gives a tribute to metal with the next track, “In Metal We Trust”, I could not but help to quote a few of the opening lyrics here: “In Metal we trust/ For Metal we live/ In Metal we trust/ Give all you can give”. A ten minute heavy metal chef-d’oeuvre happens next with the track “We Walk Without Fear”. A slow balladeous beginning to a mindblowing chorus, and blend of solo guitar and a solo drumming performance by Magnus Karlsson, Tom Naumann, Alex Beyrodt, and Francesco Jovino respectively. A truly epic masterwork in every word.

The second half of the album begins with a four minute six second track of “At War With World”, and the band continues its magnificent endeavor with the next couple of tracks, and finally a true heavy metal ballad in the form of “The Sky is Burning” comes up, and the album ends finally with the track called “Raving Mad”.

Primal Fear does not break any heavy metal rule with this album, but they still deliver a gem of an album and makes the whole track list sound as fresh, as melodic, and as harmonic as any new heavy metal band/ production would sound. A sheer must listen to any of the old school headbangers or any new metal fan who wants to get themselves familiarize with the German powerhouse called “Primal Fear”.

Written By: Dessembrae   


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