Abaddon – Son Of Hell Review

Firstly, I have been thrilled by the album at the very first listen. Coming from the so called rock and metal capital of India (Bangalore), Abaddon is a thrash metal band formed initially in 2012. They released their first EP Son of Hell in 2014 and it is currently being distributed by Transcending Obscurity.

The band sounds like a fusion of the NWOBHM bands like Iron Maiden, Saxon, Mercyful Fate and the early thrash metal bands. The first track “Terror in the Eyes of God” is very much Maiden influenced with the voice over preceeding the riff that follows in the lines of the NWOBHM legends. The melodic riffs and solos of Naag Bharath and Akash Ponanna are a pleasure to the ears. The second track also sounds like a Maiden song and the tolling bells at the intro almost made me think of Hallowed Be Thy Name. A turn towards thrash metal comes up on the instrumental track, ‘Violent Sage” with the drums and the guitars increasing pace and aggression.
The next track is probably the best one of this album. It is the longest song of the album and starts with a voice over that goes into Annihilator styled parts and the solos are brilliant on this. The final track kicks off with speed metal riffing and later continues on to be slower with solos and harmonies.
The only thing that could have been improved are the production quality and the backing vocals. Overall it is a great release and the mistakes and shortcomings are pardonable as it is the debut album of these guys and I hope that they will be better over the days. All heavy metal lovers should love this one.



  1. Terror In The Eyes Of God
  2.  Rise of the Undead
  3.  Violent Sage
  4.  Destruction Completes Creation
  5. Bullet Eye

Stream The Album Below :


To Purchase The Album From Transcending Obscurity Click Here


Naag Bharath – Guitars (rhythm)
Jehosh Gershom – Vocals (lead), Bass
Akash Ponanna – Guitars (lead)
Samarth Hegde – Drums


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