Haiduk – Demonicon Review


“Haiduk” is the solo death metal brainchild of guitarist/ vocalist Luka Milojica, from the slumbering forested land of Canada. “Demonicon” is the band’s second album released in 2015. The album cover could not have been more apt, a bent of demons twisted amongst each other on a blue background.

“Demonicon” begins with a three minute track “Syth”, a track full of hateful riffs, growls and a drum beat that goes as machine gun all through the album. A constant barrage of riffs filled with apathy goes through each of the track as the album progresses.


“Dreamris” begins with a constant hit and thrash of drums with a very intricate guitar riff, and the vocals does justice in every way possible. “Azyr”, the forth track of the album is an aggressive and raw, desolated chanting of death metal, the powerful distortion usage and the constant hammering of drums draws the listener into a world of magic, head bang, and death metal. The album finally comes to an end with the ninth and final track, “Xhandex” leaving the listener completely exhausted, with probably a cracked neck.

The production of the album is just pitch perfect. Robert Kukla manages the mastering of the album, and deserves a hell of lot of recognition and praise. Overall, an album filled with distorted, vengeful riffs, cannons of drumming, dark, gritty solos and raged vocal delivery. “Demonicon” is an awesome listen to any extreme metal listener out there. Hopefully, Milojica can achieve more of these in his future endeavors with “Haiduk”. Here’s to death, destruction and chaos!


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Written by: Dessembrae  


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