Artillery Interview With Michael Stutzer

Recently Planet Caravan took an interview of Artillery’s lead guitarist Michael Stutzer.

Read it below:


1.  Hey Michael, it’s an honor to be talking to you. Artillery is all set to release their 8th studio album, so when is it releasing?

Thanks a lot, It’s releasing on 25/3 2016.

2.  What are your future tour plans?

Right now we are looking at a few other offers, but we do have a small tour in Spain this April and a tour in South America in May. Anything else is pretty much up in the air but we have offers from Europe and USA we would like to do. 

3. Would you enlighten us on what “Penalty By Perception” going to be like musically and lyrically?

I suppose a little bit heavier than “Legions”, but it contains a lot of the melody from that album too. Some elements are maybe a bit more old school, were as other places we try out something completely new. Lyrically we touch upon subjects regarding the state of our world today. Injustice, philosophy and existence.

4. How would you like to compare the sound on the new album with previous Artillery records?

A little heavier I think. More drums. There is a nice punch to it.

5. We have very often seen great releases get completely fucked up because of poor production, what is your take on the issue? How much of a say do the band members have regarding production on your albums?

Quite alot. We have every opportunity to say what we think and feel about the sound production on the album. Our producer Søren Andersen would even do pre-masters during the recording process so that we early on could agree upon the sound.


6. On a personal note, “By Inheritance” is my all time favorite Artillery record and I have always been fascinated by the use of Eastern musical influences on that album, how did that happen?

It all really started in 1989 when we was touring in Russia near the Afghanian border and we were sitting in this train driving almost 3000 km hearing that Arabian music all the times and songs like Khomaniac, 7 am from Tashkent and Don’t Believe was written on that trip.


7. Whenever we think of metal from Denmark, King Diamond’s name always creeps up. How much of an influence has his work been on Artillery?

I will Say Mercyful Fate has had a lot of impact on the early days of Artillery and on our new album we had both Denner and Hank playing a solo each on the song Cosmic Brain which was great.

8. Artillery’s present vocalist used to play in a King Diamond/Mercyful Fate tribute band. How did he happen to join Artillery?

We played together with his coverband and check him out both musically and as a human, then we played 2 shows with him which went really well and we gave him the offer.


9. You guys started way back in 1982 and at that time thrash metal was relatively new to the metal community, how was the band received by fans at its early stages?

People really didn’t understand what the hell we were doing and called us a punky version of motorhead, but then people got to know about Metallica, Exodus and Slayer and started to call us Thrash Metal.

10. You guys disbanded after releasing “By Inheritance”, what happened?

Some us really wanted to tour a lot and someone didn’t, so together with bad chemistry we slowly disbanded as it was difficult to support By Inheritance without touring.


11. What have been your major influences while growing up?

A lot of bands from Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Jethro Tull to Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Accept, later on Bands like Mercyful Fate, Metallica, Exodus and Savatage etc.

12. Artillery is over three decades old and you guys are still playing, recording albums, kicking ass. What has been the driving force for so many years?

Its very simple we just love to play and with those dedicated fans we have its very easy to continue in many years. We still have a lot of fun.

Check out the single from their new album “Penalty By Perception” releasing on 25th March below:


13. Do you still follow the present thrash scene? If so, what are your favorite acts?

There is still a lot of good bands coming out but thrash bands like Evile, Havok, Potential threat, Impalers and a lot of others still keeping the thrash alive.Also a lot of the old bands like Exodus, Slayer, Metal Church, Exumer and Destruction still put good records out.

14. Thanks for your time and all the very best for your upcoming release, any last words for the readers before signing off?

Yes thanks for the support, check out our latest video Live by the scythe and album Penalty by perception released by Metal Blade.

And hopefully we will come to your country and play.

Interview By: The Scene Kid



2 thoughts on “Artillery Interview With Michael Stutzer

  1. Wow…….. Really it was awesome , I’m looking forward for ” Penalty by Perception ” , and I just wish you guys come to our country soon \m/ \m/ , man I still can’t believe it’s ARTILLERY !!!!!!!!!! 😱😱😱😱

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