Vindland -Hanter Savet Review

“Hanter Savet” is Vindland’s first full length album released this year. What took me as a surprise is the fact that this six piece French Black/ Viking metal band was formed way back in 2005, so it took almost more than a decade to release their first album. However, if the album is such a majestic one, who the hell cares?

“Hanter Savet” begins with the track “Orin kozh”: with a raw signature Black Metal riff, screeching vocals, but what took me by off my edge is the usage of unadulterated acoustic guitar in the middle way of the section. A wonderfully composed acoustic guitar solo adds to the beauty and diversity of this band. Camile and Johnny with their guitar co-ordination add a true layer and depth of the nature and the majestic pieces like this that stands out throughout the album.

Romuald with his cold, screeches and high pitched vocals just equally brilliant task with the second track of the album, “Treuzwelus”, and Mael with his keyboards does the album justice in every sense, and adds on with a new layer, dimension and direction. This little over six minute track comes to an end, with any listener headbanging like a maniac.


The majority of the themes behind Vindland’s lyrics are Nordic folklore, and nature. By far the best keyboard solo of the album comes in the third track of the album, “Serr-nozz”: another wonderfully thought out and composed track. A wonderful acoustic solo begins the next track of the album, “Pedenn koli”. On a side note, Marc is beast with the drum kit. Period. Go fuck yourself if you beg to differ.





A blaze of thunder, clouds drifting, and a flash of rainfall, with howling winds begins the eighth and the longest track of the album named “Skeud ar gwez”. This is my personal favorite track of the whole album: A blend of acoustic arpeggios, a mix of keys, and a wonderful closure to a nicely written track in every way of songwriting. The album draws to a conclusion with the ninth track and the penultimate track, “And the battle ended”.

Overall, “Hanter Savet” is a treat for any metalhead. A perfect album in any every sense of songwriting, atmosphere, and headbanging. The production of the album is pitch perfect and it sets the album in the right direction. “Hanter Savet” is a must listen, so what the hell are you waiting for?

Written by: Dessembrae 


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