Strangulate – Catacombs Of Decay Review

The city of Kolkata seems to be on a dry spell considering classic old school death metal releases in the recent times with bands like Purgation Inc. and In Human remaining somewhat inactive in the scene. But soon we are to see Strangulate release their debut album, “Catacombs of Decay” and I have been really lucky to get my hands on this. Strangulate started out as a grindcore act in 2012 but gradually over the years they have shifted to raw old school death metal. Now in 2016, they have finally succeeded in coming out with an album having eight bone crushing tracks. The album has been created under the label of Transcending Obscurity who launched Third Soveireign’s “Perversion Swallowing Sanity” just a few days back.

“Catacombs of Decay’ has been recorded by Denzil Davidson (guitars and bass), Subasish Mitra (vocals) and Prakash Paul as a session drummer. The production quality is not top notch or crystal clear like the modern death metal bands and that makes the album preserve the essence of death metal.  The songs sound like as if they have been recorded in the late 80s or the early 90s and we are reminded of the Barnes era Cannibal Corpse, along with death metal acts of that time like Morbid Angel, Vader and Suffocation.
The fast paced brutal attack of the guitars and the double bass drums start from the first song, “Barbaric Decadence” and continue throughout the eight songs. However there are occasional changes of tempo and lightning fast solos on almost every song and these should make all death metal lovers hook onto this album. Although all songs start off with fast blast beats and guitars, there are also songs like “Orchestrated Massacre” which start off slow but pick up pace later on.

The lyrics are full of themes of torture, blood, horror and suffering and the vocals are a lot like Cannibal Corpse, as I have said before. It is however very difficult to choose a song that I liked the most from this album as all the songs are equally brilliant and will give everyone 33 minutes of sheer head banging pleasure.  But the song that stood out to my ears is definitely “Misogynistic Horror” with the short bass solo that goes on into blasting riffs. Denzil has done an equally epic job with the bass as much as he has done with the guitars. The drums have also been programmed with perfection and Prakash has executed them very well.
Overall, it is a great release and I would recommend this to any death metal lover.


1.Barbaric Decadence
2.Primordial Execution
3.Dungeons of Despair
4.Misogynistic Horror
5.Orchestrated Massacre
6. Humanity’s End
7. Blood and Bones
8. Catacombs of Decay



Denzil Davidson  – Guitars and Bass
Subasish Mitra – Vocals
Prakash Paul – Drums

Written By : Spiritcrusher


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