BLACK ABSINTHE Premier ‘The Wild’ From Upcoming Debut Album ‘Early Signs of Denial’

Toronto, ON heavy metal trio BLACK ABSINTHE are surfacing from the basement to unleash new tunes from their debut album ‘Early Signs of Denial’ produced by Dave Baksh (Cross Dog, The Mahones) plus mixed and mastered by Frank Gryner (Rob Zombie- Hillbilly Deluxe). Set for release on May 13th, 2016, the album is the band’s first professional recording to follow their three self recorded EPs Live At Coalition (2014), Noise Complaint (2014) and Augusta (2012).

“This was our first foray into recording in a studio environment plus working with a producer and mixer. Having a team of people around us helped us produce better songs at a higher quality to give our fans the chance to hear what we’re truly about without the barrier of poor recordings. It’s our jump from the basement to the studio, the raw energy is still there, but there’s an added level of detail to each track. We wanted to make a significant jump forward in quality and songwriting plus for fans who have been following us, we think they’ll be pleasantly surprised.” comments vocalist/guitarist Jack Cerre.

BLACK ABSINTHE’s powerful heavy riffs and bass lines are reminiscent of classic thrash and new wave British heavy metal with a range of progressive to classic rock influence ready to be shared with fans new and old alike. Teaming up with, the band is proud to premiere their first single ‘The Wild’. 

unnamed (1).jpg

“The Wild is the first song from a culmination of two years of work, our blasting out of the gate declaration of freedom. Don’t overthink it, ROCK OUT! It’s about taking your life into the heat of the fire, crashing and burning at the feet of desire.” comments vocalist / guitarist Jack Cerre.

To listen to ‘The Wild’, please visit Here


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The title “Early Signs of Denial” is a conceptual connection to the themes of fear, corruption, and overcoming disparity, which is explored in the album’s songs. The record has emphasis of crushing modern tone, polished instrumental sections, soaring vocals and a blending of contemporary and classic metal. With each track, this unique record represents different aspects of BLACK ABSINTHE’s diversity in song writing. The band does not tread lightly over their new wave of British heavy metal song style or their technical and progressive metal influences.

Album Tracklist:

1. The Wild (3:50)
2. Is This Life (4:42)
3. Berj Khalifa (3:19)
4. Pigs (4:03)
5. NOW (3:58)
6. Winter (6:23)
Album Length: 26:18

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