Bathyum – Rituals Of The Damned

Wyvern the mastermind behind UK’s one man black metal band Bathyum was kind enough to send us the promo of his band’s debut full-length. Bathyum’s music borders along the lines of mid-paced abrasive Black Metal, with a sense of gloom and doom lingering throughout the album. There are no heavy moments, no epic moments, no aggressive moments, no head bangin’ moments, it’s all just sheer dismal emotion. The production quality is just about perfect in my opinion, brilliantly balanced.” Rituals Of The Damned” is buried in the trenches of wailing despair, and the album trudges along at a funereal pace. Though things take a more aggressive turn towards the end with songs like ‘Satanic Sodomy’ and ‘Heaven In Flames’ ushering with a barrage of blast beats.


Bathyum has come up with a very strong debut album and we hope to hear many more grim, catastrophic tales of horror from this band in the near future.

P.S. The same artwork was used by The Black in their epic “The Priest of Satan” album. The original art is by Gustave Dore titled “Welcome to Another Sabbath”.

Purchase The Album Below:


Written By: The Scene Kid



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