Horrified – Of Despair Review

Hailing from Newcastle upon Tyne, Horrified are a death metal act that aims at making there sound unique by adding melodic and ‘melancholic’ elements. This makes the sound as old school as possible but however they do not sound like mere copiers of the legends of old school death metal. The band was formed in 2013 as a studio project by the vocalist/guitarist Dan Alderson and they have produced one album prior to Of Despair in 2014. This album surpasses the debut album “Descent into Putridity” in many aspects with a much different sound and clearly shows how much the musicianship has developed among the members.


Artwork Done By Raul Gonzalez

Of Despair clearly points out influences of early Death, Possessed, Dissection and bands of that era and also a huge influence of the Swedeath sound can be found, the Dismember resemblance is quite visible. The album forms a diverse soundscape with occasional changes in tempo and the guitars often go on to play catchy melodic harmonic licks in the middle of the classic aggressive death/black metal riffs. Other notable thingsare the varied and clearly audible bass accompanying the guitars and the great work with the snares. The vocals however could have been a bit more clear and prominent on the record; but the unclear vocals should probably appeal to traditional OSDM listeners.

Stream Or Purchase The Album Below:

The vinly version is released via Infernal Devastation Records, to buy it click here
The balance between the heavy riffing and the melodic parts is done perfectly with the very first track beginning with a melodic guitar intro and soon going off into a much more aggressive sound. The album may be said to be more of a roller coaster ride because of the occasional changes in sound and at no point does it sound monotonous. The two songs that I may call my favorites from this album are definitely “Funeral Pyre’ and ‘Infernal Lands” both of which end with catchy melodic guitar harmonies,
As a final verdict, I’ll say that this is a very good album and definitely much better than the debut one and Horrified will definitely go a long way with more of such releases in the future, perhaps a new Horrendous on the rise. Moreover, this album will appeal to both old school and new school metal lovers.


Dan Alderson – Guitars/ Vocals

Rob Hindmarshh – Guitars

Dan Hughes – Bass

Matthew Henderson – Drums


Written By: The Scene Kid


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