Moloch – Verwüstung Review


Moloch” is a one piece Black metal band hailing from Ukraine. It’s the brainchild of Sergiy Fjordsson, and the band is around since 2002. “Verwustung” is the band’s 2014 full album release.


A dark ambient track titled “Todesstille” begins the album and it’s soon enough we hear the devastating, soul ripping screams by Sergiy. Guest musicians Azathoth (guitar), Gionata Potenti (drums) and Lilita Arndt (background vocals) perform a great task to make the album sound as dark and deep with the noise to tear the soul from a body. The overall mood and the theme of the album are dark, and the feeling of loss and internal devastation is throughout fulfilled. The guitar riffs and the song structures are complicated, intricate and as shattering as it ever gets on. A cold atmosphere is always haunted in every track on the album. “Negativität” is the halfway mark of the album, and here Sergiy unleashes his demons through his voice. Track seven, “Du bist nichts in dieser sterbenden Welt” and it begins with a really low bass line, which soon rips apart into a classic black metal song, and great guitar line to accompany and the vocals almost crying out from the depths of hell. The intense raw drumming and the blasts beats add to the beauty of the compositions. In the end, the album comes to a close with an eleven minute long instrumental title track.

Overall, “Verwüstung is a Black metal beauty and is a must listen for the extreme metal franatic. “Moloch” has indeed ushered a new demon with this 2014 release which is dedicated to Varg Vikernes.


Stream Or Buy The Album Below:


Written by: Dessembrae 


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