Rolling Stone India Premieres New Exalter Track

Bangladeshi thrash metal group Exalter fire up three sizzling songs that uphold the spirit of the genre without diluting even an iota of the essence. The music is as old school as it can get but the songs sound pristine and sharp enough to slice ears. Also included in this release are songs from the entire previous release called ‘Democrasodomy‘ which sound just as potent and invigorating even today. Exalter step up to the plate after the initial onslaught by West Bengal band Armament, and take it upon themselves to further the thrash metal assault worldwide. There is no band worthier to do so from the whole of Indian subcontinent, equipped with an aggressive sound, vicious vocals, and an innate anger that invariably gets expressed through the hard-hitting music. To call their music lethal would be an understatement.

unnamed (1).jpg
After No Clean Singing‘s premiere HERE, Rolling Stone India, for the first time ever, premiered a song of a Bangladeshi band over HERE. Thrash metal never sounded this good from over here.

Purchase The Album Here (India Only):

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CD + Tshirt –

Purchase The Album Here (Rest Of The Word):


Source – Transcending Obscurity


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