Exalter – Obituary For The Living Review

Bangladesh has seen a lot of political turmoil in its year of existence; before independence they fought for their rights, their freedom of speech, and their existence. But it’s disheartening to see the same section of people who once fought for their own freedom of expression, their own freedom of speech are hell bent on defaming and even killing a section of innocent people who refuse to adhere to their belief of a God or religion.

A musical genre like metal has always stood up as a sign of protest, as a mode of resistance against the social and economic tyranny prevalent in today’s world. And this suppressed anger, dissatisfaction is the main driving force behind Exalter’s music.


Bands like Poizon Green,Gene-split, Powersurge, Mirror Blaze created the core of Bangladesh’s thrash metal Scene, then came thrash metal bands like Thrash, Dissector Enmachined and Nuclear Winter, later in 2013 Exalter was formed. Exalter released their debut EP ‘Democrasodomy’ the previous year, and the band’s music was justly appreciated which saw them signing to Transcending Obscurity Distributions. Exalter’s second EP ‘Obituary For The Living’ includes 3 new originals and re-recorded versions of songs from their debut release ‘Democrasodomy’.


In terms of intensity Exalter has picked up right from where they had left. Exalter’s homage to the thrash metal era of the 80’s is brilliantly put forward in songs like “Surrounded By Evil” which is my favorite among their new materials. ‘Obituary For The Living’ is packed with riffs, memorable solos and nicely timed down tempos. The three new tracks are just as solid as their previous ones and in spite of the influences; Exalter has maintained their own identity. All in all ‘Obituary For The Living’ is a brilliant release and special mention to Transcending Obscurity for including their previous material in the EP as well.

Purchase The Album Here (India Only): CD Only I CD + Tshirt

Exalter Facebook I Transcending Obscurity 

Written By: The Scene Kid


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