Medevil – Conductor of Storms Review

Before I begin writing about the debut album of Canadian band, “Medevil”, “Conductor of Storms” let me start by saying this: I am a devout listener of heavy metal. Being a worshipper of old legends like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Accept, Savatage and of course, Iron Maiden (personal favorite metal band of all time), I am always on the lookout of new bands trying to take over the flag from the old legends and carrying on. Within the past few years, a host of new bands with the ‘80s metal sound has come in the scene, and I am proud to say after listening to “Conductor of Storms”, “Medevil” will already be in that bracket.CONDUCTOR_OF_compressed.jpg

The album begins with the track “Nightwalk”, a powerful heavy metal sound which has everything in it: a powerful beginning, an epic chorus, a bridge section filled with harmonies, a solo which has clearly a decent amount of influence from Celtic music, and a powerful ending. Liam Collingwood in the vocals nails every note to pitch perfection. I don’t want to draw in much comparison, I don’t like comparison in metal music, or life in general, but Collingwood’s voice has a lot of influence from JørnLande and Udo. The video of “Nightwalk” is out, and “Medevil” has teamed up with “Braveworlds”watch it below


An Empty Glass” the third track of the album, probably contains the best intro riffs, a twin guitar attack soon takes over. An instrumental track, “In the Distance” follows soon after. If I didn’t mention earlier, then I’ll do so now: the album contains some of the best bass compositions, a major cheers to Eric Wesa. Soon, sound of rain takes over, in the later parts of the track and it leads to a really cool, and funky intro to the next track of the album “The Angel of Rain”, the intro just shows how much musically rich the band is, a seven minute long track done to absolute perfection.

A “Megadeth” style intro takes in the next track, “Sacrifice”, the vocals are absolute belter in this track. And the riff can be as headbanging as it gets. The tracks are laid out in a real thoughtful manner, and it’s another thing the band pulls up to the perfection. The album finally draws to a close with a twelve minute long track, “The Fabled Uxoricide”.
The album art looks pretty neat, and it will draw in any metalhead. A powerful human demon, consumed and sitting amidst a field of skulls, and an apocalyptic image lurking in the background, can it even get any better than this?
Add to the fact that the band already has some major news as they will be hitting the road this coming August and September for their Western Canadian tour presented by The band also nailed an impressive top 6 during the 2015 Wacken Metal Battle Canada.
Conductor of Storms” is due for release in August, 26th of this year.
Play it loud, play it fast as heavy metal world has found another new soldier to carry on the flag in the form of “Medevil

Written by: Shadowthrone



Kolkata is about to witness its first ever punk uprising. Calcutta Punk Society has been doing rounds in Facebook for more than a year and finally they are organizing their debut gig, RISE ABOVE!, this 17th of September.


We have had the chance of interviewing these guys recently and this is how it went.

PC:  Firstly, when was Calcutta Punk Society formed? Share the story with us.

CPS: Calcutta Punk Society was formed in 2014. It started as a Facebook group created by Abhirup (The Neighborhood Thrashers) to unite fellow punk lovers of the town in a single cyberspace. The idea was first expressed by Somdatta Majumder (Blakhole) during a random discussion about the punk spirit and DIY culture at our supporting friend, Avijit Shyam’s place. Soon, the group became popular among the old-schoolers and punk fans of the town.

PC: Is CPS a completely different organization or is it a branch of Kolkata Old School Metal Association?

CPS:  No, we are not related to any other groups on Facebook, but we do share a healthy camaraderie with Kolkata Old School Metal Association. It’s our love for good independent old school music that binds us together and we hope it continues to do so.

PC: So, tell us something about the gig!

CPS: This is our debut gig and we are working hard to make this successful. We hope this becomes the first of the many true punk uprisings that the city will witness.
So anyone willing to expect a punch in your face, fast riffs, bleeding eardrums and maybe a bleeding nose too if they’re lucky enough will surely have a time of their lives. There will be chaos as the bands rip the stage apart.

PC: What do you think about the punk scene of Kolkata, and also of India?

CPS:  During the mid to late 90s, punk rock came to India through bands like Messiah, Tripwire and Rainvain. Since then many bands have been formed. Bands like Punk on Toast and Riot Peddlers. Tripwire even had legitimate records out there. But still, the punk scene here is in its embryonic stage.

Whereas, few bands have formed in Kolkata and most of them have disbanded. There was a punk compilation which featured many of the punk bands around India called “Disenfranchised in India”. Blakhole and Jeepers Creepers represented Kolkata in it.

Unfortunately, it’s true that at this point Kolkata doesn’t have a roaring punk scene due to certain reasons, but we are bloody certain that when it takes shape, it will wipe out every fucking thing in its path. This is just the beginning of a new age of the fastest, loudest, angriest form of music on Earth.

PC: What are the bands that will be playing at this gig?

CPS:  Well, the announced bands right now are Blakhole (Punk), The Neighbourhood Thrashers (Thrash Metal, Kolkata), Dreadhammer (Thrash Metal, Kolkata) and Xplikator (Thrash Metal, Kolkata). If you think it’s over with them then you’re wrong. More announcements are pending in the coming days of this month.


PC: Finally, what difficulties does one have to face in organizing a DIY gig like this?

CPS: Difficulties for organizing a DIY gig yourselves in Kolkata are manifold. First of all, there aren’t too many takers for the kind of music we prefer and that takes a toll on the footfall at gigs. Then, we have the issue of organizing finance for the show and since sponsors aren’t interested, organizers have to shell it out of their own pockets. And finally, Kolkata has a serious dearth of proper venues and for those which are available, the attitude of venue authorities towards band music makes the situation extremely difficult. But we hope that things will get better in the future.

So be there at Muzik Factory this 17th of September to witness this gig. Passes have been out for quite some time and they are priced at a very reasonable Rs. 200/-.

RSVP here!



• North Calcutta – 8017838486
• North Calcutta – 8420830912
• South Calcutta (Avishikta/Jadavpur Thana/Santoshpur or nearby) – 8981534672
• South Calcutta (Tollygunge or nearby) – 9804236688
• South Calcutta (Gariahat/Ballygunge or nearby) – 9232475165

Stay tuned for individual interviews of the bands!

– Spirit Crusher