Review of ShredxXx’s Debut Album

ShredxXx has been around the hard rock and heavy metal scene for quite some time now. Finally they will be releasing their debut album produced by the renowned Amuze Records of Kolkata.


The album begins with their already much known single “Homuragama” which was released almost about a year ago. Although, this is a slightly changed and, a much better-produced version. The way the sitar and the guitars are synced is indeed mind-blowing.  However, the demo sounded much better, according to us. The second song is “Turbulence” and this takes on a power metal sound most likely influenced by Helloween and the rough and gritty voice of Sankalan makes its entry along with occasional screams and growls. This is the first part(chapter) of the song titled “Pride of Man”.
The extended intro of the next song really sounds like the album having a “Resurrection” and the occasional harsh vocals continue into this song. The track ends with an acoustic outro. “Defiance” again picks the tempo up a notch and the drums are noteworthy here.  This song, with the progressive ending, is definitely our favorite song of this album.

Up next is the Priest and Maiden influenced “My Bitch”. The sitar bridge at the middle sounds good but the cymbals somehow do not sound right at this portion. Finally “Epilogue” provides us with a touch of Indian classic music with brilliantly played sitar by Swarnabha. In all the songs the bassist Swarnava has built up the backbone very well.
The songs are no doubt great progressive compositions but a few mistakes here and there can be pardoned. We surely hope that they will get better with time. Moreover, the most noteworthy thing about this album is the brilliant quality of production. So if you are a lover of old school heavy metal with a pinch of progressive sound should definitely buy this album! This will be released at the launch event organized at Jamsteady this 16th.

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All the best to team ShredxXx! May this album become a success!


1) Homuragama
2) Pride of Man: Chapter 1: Turbulence
3) Pride of Man: Chapter 2: Resurrection
4) My Bitch
5) Defiance
6) Epilogue


Sankalan – Vocals
Swarnabha – Sitar
Prithvi – Guitar
Swarnava – Bass
Bob -Drums

– Spirit Crusher


2 thoughts on “Review of ShredxXx’s Debut Album

  1. Reblogged this on AMUZE RECORDS and commented:
    A nice critical review about the upcoming ShredxXx EP. We thank the good people of Planet Caravan for supporting the band’s music and all our efforts.

    We love the part, “…Moreover, the most noteworthy thing about this album is the brilliant quality of production.”


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