In Human – Voices Review

Usually at the review section, we write about upcoming albums or albums that have been released recently. For the first time, we decided to go back in time and review an album which was released way back in 2010. In Human is among one of the finest death metal acts to have emerged out of Kokata, India. They were notorious for not performing live that much and were often thought of to be a tribute/cover band as the few shows they performed in were flooded by covers of Death numbers. They released their debut album ‘Voices’ in 2010 which sold quite a number of copies in the local scene. However, they have been in a long hiatus in the recent years and are aiming to make a comeback with a new album along with a new line-up.


The album starts with a piano-like intro based on the theme of “Voice Of The Soul” from Death’s album Sound of Perseverance which has been re-arranged by Ankit, the vocalist/guitarist. The heavy riffs and fast beats start at once from the second song titled “In Human Morality”. Heavy influences of Chuck Schuldiner on both the riffs and vocals can be noticed in this track and I personally liked the solo at the middle very much.  The third track “Power Struggle” begins with a slow melodious section that suddenly breaks off into the main riff. The prolonged guitar solo has a very Marty Friedman feel attached to it and adds a different flavor to the album; the song ends with the melodic section of the beginning playing once again along with the riff.

“Vicious Cycle” has a very thrashy feel and the harsh vocals get replaced by a voiceover that goes on throughout the song. The bass has been handled brilliantly in this song. “Residual Emotions” makes the sound return to the style of early death metal acts like Obituary and Death. The changes of tempo are precise and just at the right places. “Rigor Mortis” is also another very technically sound track of this album and the voiceovers, occasional solos and the riffs make the song very progressive in nature, unlike the traditional death metal bands. The final track “I Am Legion” was the very first original composed by the band and according to the members is an in-joke within the band. All elements of extreme metal has been exaggerated intentionally in this song along with a riff that sounds almost like an iconic Cannibal Corpse riff.
The lyrical themes of the album deal mainly with violence, death, terrorism among other thing. All lyrics have been written by Ankit except “Residual Emotions”. Overall, this is no doubt a very decent album and should appeal to all old school metal  enthusiasts along with the lovers of technically sound music.  However the only negative aspect of the album is the quality of production but that somehow makes the sound like the 90s’ death metal acts.


And, as I have mentioned before, these guys are planning to make a return with a new line-up with Ankit remaining the only constant member. Stay tuned!!


Ankit Mitra – Guitars/Vocals
Anirudh Goswami – Bass
Shiladitya Sengupta – Guitars
Korak Sarkar – Drums


1. Soul
2. In Human Morality
3. Power Struggle
4. Vicious Cycle
5. Residual Emotions
6. Rigor Mortis
7. I Am Legion

Written By – Spirit Crusher


Blackened Death Metal Band High Frequency Interview

Delhi based Blackened Death Metal band High Frequency talks with Planet Caravan about their upcoming album and tour. Read it below:

Q. So, to begin with, how and when did you guys start off as a band? Share the experience with us.

We started in 2008, with me (Lakshya), Vishesh, Neelabh and Dhruv. Neelabh was my dad’s student and we use to jam a lot, and Dhruv was my classmate. We had a gig coming up at Banaras club and it was at that time when we sat together and started to jam. The name of the band was given by my dad.

Q. Which artists and bands do you look up to as influences?

Some of our influences are Behemoth, Metallica, Cattle Decapitation, Faceless, etc. We love to explore more and more.

Q. What are the lyrical contents of your songs?

The lyrical content for the single that we are going to release named ‘Faith‘ is on how people blindly follow God by the way society tells them to, and what if there is no God and what if he is an alien. It’s all about the false faith. Basically all the songs that we have written so far are all about how mankind is so determined in killing it’s own race; whatever that happened in World War 2 and even before that., fighting endlessly for some paper called money or a piece of land that they can’t take with they anywhere after they die or the power they seek to be the unknown.

13330989_1052589834796199_4932920083921997424_n.jpgHigh Frequency Performing At Tandaav Delhi.


Q. Have you released any EPs or albums till now? If yes, please let us know.

We released 4 demo songs before. Though they are going to be in the album that we are going to release shortly, we have restructured them a bit after new people came into the band and everybody in the band thought it should be done.

Q. Does the band have any achievements that you would like to share?

Well, we have competed in lots of college competition while we were in school and our college days, won IIT BHU 3-4 times but those assholes never paid us the full amount but it was fun playing there as it was the first gig that got us into metal and that was the only metal gig of Varanasi, we came 2nd in IIT Kharagpur, 3rd in IIT Guwahati, won IIIT Allahabad twice , won MNNIT twice,won IERT Allahabad once , got selected for BITS Goa Zonals but couldn’t go there because there was a lineup change and we had no bassist , got selected in Zonals of Wacken Battle, played alongside Kryptos , Bevar Sea, Dying Embrace, Sole Inclination ,Underside (From Nepal).


Q. What are you currently working on, and when and where is your next show?

We have started recording ‘Faith’ (the new single) and it will be out soon, plus we are working on the album/ We will be playing in Hard Rock Cafe Mumbai on 30th Oct and then in Anti Social Delhi in first week of November.

Q. How do you think about the current state of Blackened Death Metal in the world?

Well, I don’t bard music in genres when I am listening to it and I like to enjoy music rather then judging it but I think scene is growing and metal is something that won’t die. Haha!

1017663_987261364662380_4766161473787623096_n.jpgHigh Frquency Performing At Dayal Singh Evening College


Q. How is the metal scene in your hometown Delhi?

Well, my hometown is Varanasi, but yeah now I am in Delhi, so let’s talk about that. It’s growing and not very stable yet, but yes gigs, are happening in a good volume these days and people are showing up. This really helps the bands to take things even more seriously and have lots of fun!

Q. Finally, any message for us?


The message is ‘Stay heavy, stay metal \m/

Note: Band pictures have been taken from the Facebook page of High Frequency