Forged In Fire III: The Bands | Falcun

As we had promised in our last article, we will be posting brief interviews of every band who will be a part of Forged In Fire III organised by Kolkata Old School Metal Association. We’ve mentioned earlier that this gig will be headlined by the mighty Kryptos.
Instead of beginning with the headliner, we’ll look into the local bands first. The first in line is the classic heavy metal band Falcun. These guys are among the very few bands who play traditional heavy metal in India and are damn good at it.

Falcun initially started off in 2013 by the name of Steelbird and it was basically a supergroup formed by the members of thrash metal bands Armament and Mortar. They used to belt out covers of classic heavy metal numbers by the likes of Judas Priest, King Diamond etc. Two years down the line in 2015, Steelbird changed their name to Falcun and released their first song “Eye Of The Storm.’ The track combined elements of NWOBHM with speed metal and was an instant hit among the old school music lovers of Kolkata. Their first live performance as Falcun was also brilliantly executed at KOSMA’s Strength of Steel in August 2015.


Image Courtesy: Rossogolla Photography

Falcun’s lineup went through major changes in 2016, the most significant one being a new vocalist, Abhishek. The style of his vocals is a bit different from Indranil (Armament/Falcun), but he also is a perfect match for the sound of the band with his mesmerising and wicked voice, and energetic stage presence.
Recently, Falcun just returned from playing an outstation gig at Cherapunjee (Shine A Light 2.0) and are currently gearing themselves up for Forged In Fire III. We got in touch with the axeman Samrat who gave us an insight relating to the current activities of the band.

PC: What are you guys currently working on?

Samrat: Falcun is currently writing more songs. At this gig, we will deliver 2 new originals along with the previous two songs. One will be a Maiden approach, with dual harmony sectioned riffs and power metal style vocals. Another will be a power ballad, focusing more on melodies and a bit slower than our other compositions. We are big fans of Maiden, we already do “The Trooper” as a sound check, so this time, there will be another classic and we are sure the entire auditorium will sing along with us and since we all are giving tribute to Judas Fuckin’ Priest, we will do it gracefully. Can’t reveal the cover now!

PC: Do you want to say anything about the upcoming gig?

Samrat: We are grateful to KOSMA for putting us in a slot along with some kickass bands from the city and of course, the mighty Kryptos. What is astounding, is that, even in 2016, people are still listening to the classic sound of Heavy Metal. Falcun have shifted from Speed metal to a more Traditional and British Heavy Metal sound. It’s been hard on the fans of the band to see a new lineup and getting something different, but the lineup is tighter than ever. Our newvocalist, Abhishek, is working his ass off day and night to bring out the beast and on the 21st, he is gonna wash away the Paul DiAnno fans (pun intended). Lastly, we are effin’ fuckin’ happy to play this classic sound in a sea of 300 bpm loud noises, It’s like a drop of water in the middle of a desert.

Vocals- Abhishek
Guitars- Sam, Anirban
Bass- Rony
Drums- Bob

So that’s Falcun for you guys!


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