Forged In Fire III: The Bands | The Neighborhood Thrashers

Cause I’m T.N.T., I’m dynamite”.

Yes, this article is about the young lads calling themselves T.N.T which is the abbreviation for The Neighborhood Thrashers. Formed in January 2016, they do a very decent job of ‘screaming’ about social and political issues through their music. They are the fourth band to be a part of KOSMA’s Forged In Fire III.
Imagine a raw thrash sound combined with elements of punk and crossover bands llike Nuclear Assault (T.N.T pull of an impressive cover of ‘Brainwashed’), D.R.I, Vio-Lence etc. and you’ll know how the band sounds like. They believe that “We’re all gonna die” and hence try to make the most of the time by talking about social degradation and a lot of other stuff through their music. The line-up comprises of four talented and very enthusiastic lads who call themselves Cazz Bhai, Assholeman, Anonymous and Straightedge. Till now, they have released jam videos of two originals ‘Hellhole’ and ‘Children Of The Trend.

Their first live performance was a hit in Calcutta Punk Society’s gig last year, but they have a long way to go in order to develop a tighter sound. But they sure are a band to look out for in Forged In Fire III. Our short conversation with the band went like this:

PC: What message do you want to convey through your music?

T.N.T: Don’t do drugs, always study, listen to your parents and let them arrange your marriage for you! Jokes aside, we don’t really aim to bash people’s choices or anything, it’s just that we like to talk about how full of shit we all are.

PC: What are your future plans?

T.N.T: We intend on working on more and more compositions and a full length in the coming year, and eventually dying due to liver failure.

PC: What can we expect at the gig from T.N.T?

T.N.T: You can expect pure energy, VIOLENCE, offensive humour and comic book references from us. No, honestly, we’ll thrash you up in a very compact manner. Don’t miss the gig!

Nirmalya – Bass
Abhirup – Yells
Subham – Banging
Aniruddha – Riffs


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