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Okay, so I am going to start writing audio editorials and will cover the areas I deem important. If you have questions to be answered in this forum, please send an e-mail or go to the Facebook page and ask there. I love audio and have done it for over 25 years and as this forum goes, I will share my advice, as well as experiences.

On my first column here, I want to discuss about hearing safety and how important it is to you and me. Loud volumes can ruin your ears, and you don’t want to get older and have problems that will interfere with your music. I will say it several times, YOUR HEARING CANNOT BE REPAIRED ONCE IT IS DAMAGED. Pay attention to your ears, they are what allows to play music. Wear fucking earplugs.
No matter what instrument you play, earplugs are very important. Drummers tend to lose hearing in the 1k area up to 8k from cymbals. Drummers tend to have more hearing damage than most musicians. The snare and cymbals are very abrasive especially for genres like metal; with the mix of a loud kit along with a loud monitor next to you, your hearing can be ruined for life. Wear earplugs.
Many drummers now buy headphones and get an in ear mix from house or mix their own. Singers also are at great risk of loss of hearing, and hurting their voice. As singers go, the longer they sing with a monitor, the more they will strain and hurt their voice. Earplugs help singers, and in-ear monitors make a world of difference as you hear yourself clearly and at a volume you can deal with. I strongly advise all singers to use in ears.
Guitar players tend to get damage between 600 to 6k. Loud guitar can seriously fuck your hearing up. Maybe because the amp is behind you? TRY PUTTING YOUR AMP ON THE SIDE OF YOU. I will discuss stage volume in another forum but yes you too. Wear some fucking earplugs.
Go to your phone’s app store and find an SPL meter. Don’t guess how loud you are, KNOW how loud it is, and either fix your stage volume or protect your hearing. Once it is damaged, it cannot be fixed. Don’t wait like a dumbass until you notice signs of damage, because by then you will be screwed. If you are involved in music, then your ears are the most important part of your body.


I would like to add one more thing: headphone volume can be equally as bad as the speakers are an inch from your ears. Any non-musicians attending a concert should always bring earplugs.
Hopefully this will raise awareness for you and for anyone you share this with.

Jeff Fischer, an audio engineer

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GIG REVIEW | Fistful Of Steel | Planet Caravan

So Fistful of Steel, the debut gig organized by Earth One Productions, took place last Saturday at Kolkata. It was a usual day in July with slight hints of rain and a group of metalheads gathered at the venue situated at Salt Lake for a day dedicated to metal.

The first band to take the stage was Vulgustrike and they kickstarted the gig with lots of energy. They did great covers like Sepultura’s “Screams Behind The Shadows” and an Exumer number that the crowd enjoyed a lot. Rest of their songs were originals. Although the band was tight as a whole, the drummer Sayak Bagchi stole the show with his killer rolls and blastbeats. Overall, I found the band giving a lot of Pantera vibes.

Up next were the death metallers Divide Torture who are already quite well-known in the scene. Denzil Davidson managed the guitar duties remarkably well in place of their old guitarist and the drummer Bob played with unbelievable speed and precision. Like in their previous gig just a few months back, this time also they covered Cancer’s “Hung, Drawn And Quartered” that sent the crowd into a headbanging spree. The band also played a few of their OCs including the new one “SNAFU”, and added a touch of humor by giving a tribute to their new guitarist in the form of playing Napalm Death’s “You Suffer.”

The next band Xplikator delivered a heavy dose of in your face old school thrash metal. Like I did for the first two bands, I have to give the drummer Chirantan a special mention here as well. Their OCs were appreciated a lot and so we’re their covers of iconic tracks like “Raining Blood”. Personally, I liked the performance of this act the most.  The death/thrash veterans Deadbolt were next in line. I have been watching Deadbolt performing since 2013 and they have indeed gotten better with time. Nilabja had been the usual great frontman that he is, and Denzil showed his mastery with the guitars here as well. They also did a splendid Sepultura cover (“Inner Self”).

Strangulate was insane as well. They were the only band who didn’t do any covers and just concentrated on their originals. They played most of the songs from their album ‘Catacombs Of Decay‘ released last year. The overall sound of the band was of very high standards. Finally the gig ended on a high note with the old timers Evil Conscience. There is performance doesn’t need much talking about. They have been putting up electrifying performances everywhere for quite a long time now. But, in this gig, their Necrophagist cover was the best among all of the songs they performed.

Overall the gig was a nice experience and the organizers did a great job with their first venture. However I did find the attendance a bit low but I guess things will be better with time.
Cheers to Earth One Productions for pulling off their debut gig so well!

– Spirit Crusher and The Scene Kid

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