The much hyped Kolkata chapter of the Wacken Metal Battle is here again!

This time it will be held at VAULT Lounge Bar tomorrow, the 8th of June. The city’s heavy metal band Falcun will be headlining the event and their debut release ‘Kingdom Come’ will be played live for the first time in its full glory.
Apart from them, there will be four other bands: DeathLore, Chronic Xorn, Reciprocal and Astitva.
Be there to show your support.
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– Spirit Crusher


Forged In Fire III

Kolkata Old School Metal Association (KOSMA) has been dormant with respect to gigs since their last one in 2015 named Strength of Steel. That was indeed a huge success, and had the giants Albatross, Hellwind and Primitiv from Mumbai as outstation bands along with the local acts. And this time they decided to go all in on bringing in one of the finest heavy metal bands in India as the headlining act. Yes, it is none other than the mighty Kryptos from Bangalore. With just one month to go for the gig, we decided to write an article about it.
We’ve already revealed the headliner but the base of the music scene of any place is built up by the local acts and it is nothing different for Kolkata. Five of the city’s acts will be there at the gig to make you all bang your heads. The local acts include the veterans Armament (Thrash Metal), Blakhole (Punk) and Falcun (Heavy Metal), and two new kids in the scene – The Neighborhood Thrashers (Thrash Metal), Dreadhammer (Thrash Metal). TNT and Dreadhammer have already showed their potentials in Calcutta Punk Society’s Rise Above just a few months back.

Now, the interesting part of the gig is that it will be completely crowd funded and people can pay whatever they want to above the base price of the early bird passes (Rs. 400/-). This concept has already been implemented in KOSMA’s Forged In Fire II and the response was overwhelming. And like every gig of KOSMA, this one is also a pure DIY event organized by the people having a sheer passion for heavy metal music, and there are no sponsors and support from the so called corporate world.
So if you are a heavy metal fan and can be in Kolkata in January 21st, 2017, be sure to attend this or else you may miss out on something massive.

RSVP here:
Passes have already started selling and there are various methods of payment.
For offline passes you can contact the following numbers: 8017345432, 8017838486, 9804236688.
Alternatively, if you have a credit/debit card, you can buy the tickets from here.

Get your passes fast or else the base price for the passes may increase.

Be there to support the local scene.

Stay tuned to us for detailed interviews of the each of the six bands. Cheers!

RISE ABOVE: Know the Bands!

With just three days to go, we at Planet Caravan decided to put forward some information about the bands in the lineup, so that you know exactly what to expect at this gig on the 17th. We got in touch with all the bands and they helped us to compile this.

Genre: Punk

Hometown: Kolkata, India

Protyush Paul –Vocals
Somadatta Mazumdar –Bass
Indraj Ghosh – Guitar
Shakya Chatterjee-Drums

Blakhole was formed way back in 2011 and is probably the only existing punk band of Kolkata.They  have played in quite a lot of local gigs. “Blakhole, as a band, doesn’t really plan far ahead. At least hasn’t so far. We would like to play together and keep creating music that makes us happy right now. We definitely want to put out a physical release sometime in the future. As for gigs, we love ’em – the sheer rush, the nerves. It is the ultimate high. We’d like to play live as much as we can; there’s nothing like it”, says Somdatta, the bassist, ‘Rise Above’ is gonna be special. It’s the debut venture of CPS(Calcutta Punk Society) and hopefully, the first of many. The city needs its dose of DIY gigs like it regularly. Blakhole promises to give all that we have got. It’s gonna be fun. Hey ho, let’s go!”

The Neighborhood Thrashers:
Thrash Metal

Hometown: Kolkata, India

Members:  (They prefer to be called by their aliases)
Cazz Bhai – Bass
Assholeman – Vocals
Anonymous – Drums
Straightedge  – Guitars

The Neighborhood Thrashers or T.N.T as they prefer to call themselves are the new kids in town who want to thrash hard. “We just want to keep on making thrash metal and performing, getting signed, releasing stuff”, says the guitarist, “RISE ABOVE , our debut gig, is gonna be a fast, offensive, neck breaking, in your face experience!”

Thrash Metal

Hometown: Kolkata, India

Peter Sarkar – Vocals
Swapnanil sardar – Guitar
Soumava Chatterjee – Bass
Chirantan Ray – Drums

Xplikator will also be playing their debut gig this Saturday. “We plan to play as many gigs as possible so the people of the “scene” have a better understanding of us and of course we’ll continue to write and record new music” says the band, “We’re super pumped to be playing at RISE ABOVE, the first ever punk gig of the city. Be there to support the local bands. See y’all in the pit!! \m/”

Genre: Thrash Metal

Hometown: Kolkata, India

Rishav Bhattacharya – Vocals, Guitars
Arya Datta – Guitars
Suprovo Chowdhury – Bass
Rohan Bakshi – Drums

Dreadhammer is also one of the new entrants at the scene. ”To be really honest, As far as future plans go, we don’t have anything planned and we aim to keep it that way.  We are just going with the flow and working on our fresh approach to Thrash Metal. But we are working hard on ourselves, getting a little better every day and I think that’s what matters. But, we might drop an EP sometime around next year though.
Rise Above by CPS will be our first gig. The first time people will see us playing live. This is gonna be a very special moment in all of our lives. People responded really well to our first original ‘Might Of Chaos’ and that was very overwhelming for all of us. We’ll make sure not to disappoint. We’ll be playing our second and never ever heard before original at this gig. So quote me on this one. ‘Rise Above is gonna be a fucking old school metal marathon!’”, says Rishav.

Genre: Thrash Metal

Hometown: Kolkata, India

“War” – Vocals – Indranil
“Famine” – Guitars – Vivek
“Conquest” – Bass – Sayan
“Death” – Drums – Subham

Armament has been round the Indian metal scene for quite some time now. They launched their EP “First Strike” last year which had been a huge success in the metal community of India, and even abroad.
Here’s what Indranil Dasgupta, the front man, has to say: “It’s been a while we have come out in front of you guys and evidently the last time was one of the special times we have shared with the EP launch. The guns are loaded once more and this time with a darker force. Annihilation is assured for the weak. We are really looking forward to the rise of new communities that support heavy metal music in its purest form. The guys in Calcutta Punk Society are working their asses off to pull this one off; a first timer for them. Kudos to these guys for they only pushed the band to go up live again! As for future gigs, we are taking it one at a time to be honest.  As for the army, we will have some cool merch on the day. With lineup changes, it has been a little tough to do live gigs but composing new stuff is what drives us and we will be coming up with the new poison pretty soon. As for a final message, it’s an honour to say it again ‘Warriors… It’s Time to Choose Your Weapons.’  See you fucks this weekend \m/”

Genre: Heavy Metal

Hometown: Kolkata, India

Vocals- Abhishek
Guitars- Samrat ,Anirban
Bass- Nilavro
Drums- Bob

Initially formed as a supergroup comprising the members of Mortar and Armament, Steelbird was a band that used to cover heavy metal songs of the likes of Judas Priest and Mercyful Fate. Later they changed their name to Falcun last year and came up with two widely acclaimed originals “Eye of the Storm” and “Child of Prophecy.”
“Falcun is concentrating on making plenty of songs before even thinking about an album. We need to get our lineup fixed and tight. Hopefully this gig will be a boon”, says Samrat, the guitarist “We are much honored to get in this lineup with our brothers Armament and some old faces. I am also personally very excited to see this influx of new bands and their determination to get a gig done. Hopefully these kids will stick true to their music and not give up when they get the reality about Kolkata’s audience.”

So what are you waiting for? Get your passes ASAP!

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– Spirit Crusher


Kolkata is about to witness its first ever punk uprising. Calcutta Punk Society has been doing rounds in Facebook for more than a year and finally they are organizing their debut gig, RISE ABOVE!, this 17th of September.


We have had the chance of interviewing these guys recently and this is how it went.

PC:  Firstly, when was Calcutta Punk Society formed? Share the story with us.

CPS: Calcutta Punk Society was formed in 2014. It started as a Facebook group created by Abhirup (The Neighborhood Thrashers) to unite fellow punk lovers of the town in a single cyberspace. The idea was first expressed by Somdatta Majumder (Blakhole) during a random discussion about the punk spirit and DIY culture at our supporting friend, Avijit Shyam’s place. Soon, the group became popular among the old-schoolers and punk fans of the town.

PC: Is CPS a completely different organization or is it a branch of Kolkata Old School Metal Association?

CPS:  No, we are not related to any other groups on Facebook, but we do share a healthy camaraderie with Kolkata Old School Metal Association. It’s our love for good independent old school music that binds us together and we hope it continues to do so.

PC: So, tell us something about the gig!

CPS: This is our debut gig and we are working hard to make this successful. We hope this becomes the first of the many true punk uprisings that the city will witness.
So anyone willing to expect a punch in your face, fast riffs, bleeding eardrums and maybe a bleeding nose too if they’re lucky enough will surely have a time of their lives. There will be chaos as the bands rip the stage apart.

PC: What do you think about the punk scene of Kolkata, and also of India?

CPS:  During the mid to late 90s, punk rock came to India through bands like Messiah, Tripwire and Rainvain. Since then many bands have been formed. Bands like Punk on Toast and Riot Peddlers. Tripwire even had legitimate records out there. But still, the punk scene here is in its embryonic stage.

Whereas, few bands have formed in Kolkata and most of them have disbanded. There was a punk compilation which featured many of the punk bands around India called “Disenfranchised in India”. Blakhole and Jeepers Creepers represented Kolkata in it.

Unfortunately, it’s true that at this point Kolkata doesn’t have a roaring punk scene due to certain reasons, but we are bloody certain that when it takes shape, it will wipe out every fucking thing in its path. This is just the beginning of a new age of the fastest, loudest, angriest form of music on Earth.

PC: What are the bands that will be playing at this gig?

CPS:  Well, the announced bands right now are Blakhole (Punk), The Neighbourhood Thrashers (Thrash Metal, Kolkata), Dreadhammer (Thrash Metal, Kolkata) and Xplikator (Thrash Metal, Kolkata). If you think it’s over with them then you’re wrong. More announcements are pending in the coming days of this month.


PC: Finally, what difficulties does one have to face in organizing a DIY gig like this?

CPS: Difficulties for organizing a DIY gig yourselves in Kolkata are manifold. First of all, there aren’t too many takers for the kind of music we prefer and that takes a toll on the footfall at gigs. Then, we have the issue of organizing finance for the show and since sponsors aren’t interested, organizers have to shell it out of their own pockets. And finally, Kolkata has a serious dearth of proper venues and for those which are available, the attitude of venue authorities towards band music makes the situation extremely difficult. But we hope that things will get better in the future.

So be there at Muzik Factory this 17th of September to witness this gig. Passes have been out for quite some time and they are priced at a very reasonable Rs. 200/-.

RSVP here!



• North Calcutta – 8017838486
• North Calcutta – 8420830912
• South Calcutta (Avishikta/Jadavpur Thana/Santoshpur or nearby) – 8981534672
• South Calcutta (Tollygunge or nearby) – 9804236688
• South Calcutta (Gariahat/Ballygunge or nearby) – 9232475165

Stay tuned for individual interviews of the bands!

– Spirit Crusher

The Spirit Of The Tall Hills : A Brief Account Of Rock And Metal Culture In North East

The North East of India is known for its rock culture and the prominent D.I.Y element in their underground music scene. But sadly, the mainlanders are not much informed about the music scenario of the North East. One of the common questions asked by the rockheads of India is, “Is Shillong really the rock capital of India?”

We sat down with Dauru from ‘Wicked Child‘ (Shillong based thrash metal) and Shibam from Knight (Traditional Heavy metal from Guwahati) to get some insight about the North East and its rock/metal culture.

Shibam says, “The north-eastern part of India comprises of people who are diverse in their own ways. People who have been listening to rock music since the 70s or 80s have passed on their heritage to their successors. However, there is a dearth of rock bands in the NE. A lot of bands which were active back in the day broke up as has always been the case. And yet, there are bands like Soulmate who have been going strong for all these years. There might be metal bands and fans of metal music in North-East India but when it comes to rock music in the very specific sense, old and young people alike can still be seen to be listening to the likes of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Deep Purple.


Scorpions Performing In Shillong (2007)

About the truth of Shillong being the rock n roll capital of India, I would say that I have talked to music aficionados from Shillong who also happen to be my friends, and they have said that although there are a large number of people who listen to rock n roll and metal in general, there are not enough bands and not enough gigs. Even though there are gigs that are organized from time to time, a lot of new bands do not get to perform at those gigs. Nevertheless, there are bands like Plague Throat, Wicked Child, and Midnight Garden Factor who have represented Shillong at different gigs in different places many a time. Also, there have been concerts of huge proportions featuring international artists such as Scorpions, Sepultura, White Lion, and Firehouse in the past. Recent years have seen acts like Dying Fetus, Smokie, and Megadeth perform in Shillong. All such concerts have seen immense support from fans of rock and metal in Shillong. The truth of the statement is best left to the people to confirm.



North East India has always been a hub of rock n roll fans. You can find an elderly man sitting by a tea store humming to The Beatles while a 16-year old passes by in his Testament t-shirt. The rock scene in NE has changed in synchronicity with the global scene. During the 60s and 70s, you could find people tripping on Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Lynyrd Skynyrd, etc, while with the birth of metal, people started embracing the likes of Black Sabbath, Judas Priest. A lot of bands were formed and lost in time. From whatever tales I’ve heard, rock n’ roll took NE by storm back in the day. People engaged in tape trading, listened to whatever they could get their hands on, wrote and played their songs, and had a good time. Over time, things changed. A lot of new bands started to form and people got into the newer genres of rock and metal. Bootlegged tapes and merchandise flooded the market. More gigs were organized which saw artists from foreign shores as well. The scene today is much different from what it was decades back. With enhanced connectivity between North East India and the rest of the country, and with the emergence of social networking sites, it is no longer very difficult to get artists from distant lands. Nowadays, one can easily find bands from within India as well as international ones perform at various places in North East India.


Shillong Based Death Metal Band Plague Throat

In NE, the number of attendees is always a matter of uncertainty. There might be gigs where not many people turn up and the organizers end up losing a lot of money. There are DIY gigs as well. Also, college fests such as Alcheringa and Thundermarch see a number of foreign outfits every year. And then there are festivals like Hornbill and Ziro which are organized on a massive scale. One cannot specifically tell the differences between Bangalore/Mumbai and NE because NE itself comprises of seven states and the there is no unified association of rock/metal fans. People connect over social networking sites and that is how they get informed and updated about upcoming gigs in any of the states.

Bacardi NH7 Weekender Shillong by Himanshu Rohilla-97.jpg

Megadeth Performing In Shillong In 2015

The DIY element and the passion of the fans is very place specific. I come from Silchar. My friends back home organize a fest called Blast-O-Genesis almost every year. They call artists from nearby places and it works out fine. Then there are gigs like Callous Amass in Shillong. On certain occasions, bands themselves set up stages, get up, plug in and play. It’s all very spontaneous. It’s mostly the passion of the fans that drives such gigs and one would be lying if he said north-eastern people are not passionate about their music.


Bands that play Heavy/Thrash/Death/Doom Metal are very few in number. There are bands such as Alien Gods, Eclipse, Insane Prophecy, who have released material true to the roots. A lot of bands still cover bands like Scorpions, Iron Maiden, Dio, and etc. on various occasions. There are tribute gigs and tribute bands as well. Pulse Pundit are an AC/DC tribute band hailing from Imphal. However, there are a number of bands who follow an approach that is more modern and technical in nature following footsteps of the newer bands that play such music. Such bands are way more in number. This does not really help in preserving old school metal. There are fans of old school metal in various places in North East, and the need of the hour is that more bands get formed who write music and organize gigs and keep their sound raw and heavy.


AC/DC Tribute Band Pulse Pundit

If we speak of old school rock and metal, things in the near future seem pretty bleak. There are only a handful of bands that play rock/metal the traditional way. On the other hand, we have a large number of bands who make and play modern metal. The latter easily outnumber the former and even though there are fans of 80s Thrash and Heavy Metal music, there are not enough bands that play that kind of music. I sincerely hope that there comes a change in the current state of affairs. There is a need for Old School Metal resurgence in the North East and one can only hope that it happens soon.”



Shillong Based Thrash Metaller Wicked Child Performing at Road To Rampage Imphal

Photo Courtesy – Japi Rajkumar


Dauru from ‘Wicked Child’ writes, “Shillong is a city that is mostly being influenced by music. And basically, the great-great-grandparents have passed their taste of music to us as a whole.” When asked, if Shillong is indeed the rock n roll capital, Dauru says, “As far from most of the musicians that have lived and still live in Shillong will say that Shillong is indeed ‘the rock n roll capital’. Four decades ago Shillong proved itself as one of the cities in India where mostly Western Music has played an important role in the lives of many youngsters and till to date….. The rock n roll scene is very much alive in almost all the north-eastern states of India especially Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Assam. Now we can still say that Shillong is still the rock n roll capital of India because of it’s unique taste in music and a fusion of both tradition and western melody that has created an armful opportunities for many born musicians to pursue their love for music as an individual or a band per say. The rock culture that was being institutionalized in the past has upgraded itself in this present due to the different varieties of music taste in ears of many. The Rock music is the liveliest tone of music that could cheer a person’s heart from day to day life whether in torment or joy….. what Rock does to an individual is that it gives him/her to ability to express their feelings in whatever way they want to freely without any hesitation or bondage from the society. The message that we get from the different legendary bands (western bands) that brought rock n roll to many right from the past till date is very live giving because their message based on the truth and true live events.

The spirit of “DO IT YOURSELF” is highly seen here in Shillong because many youngsters who do not have the privilege to go for music classes but still they believe that they CAN DO IT so no stopping for such ambition. Most DIY musicians get into a band and stay strong with their music. To become a musician, we have to be FANS in order to know and feel the intensity of the surrounding that is there on both ways of the music. The fans here in the North East are DIE-HARD and crazy about what they believe in music. Every band gets their energy boosts from the fans that cheer and support them inside and outside of their music career. The fans play an important part in the metal scene in all over North East or even the whole world.”


In the end he adds, “People will have expectations towards the rock n roll culture development in the North East but they should not just expect they should SUPPORT this culture as well. People should help in building up institutions that would give a chance to any talented musician in his/her life. With lots of support and implementation ofdevelopment tactics, one can expect a better future in the line of music. My views about the future of rock/metal in the North East is simple and straight…. just be patient and believe in what we do and what we work for,with a sincere heart and dedication and that is the future of rock n roll in each and every musician’s heart. When rock n roll becomes a passion then no one can stop or destroy it,no matter what.”

Stream Blade Of The Samurai Single Released By Knight Below


The Year in Review: Some Distinct Records From 2015

2015 saw a host of new underground bands come up with great records and we also saw some of the old horses still keeping it true. It has been another great year in terms of the music but the metal community also lost some of our heroes like Lemmy, Phil Taylor, Jim Konya to name a few.

So, here I present to you guys a list of metal albums I came across this year which I found worth sharing.
No albums are in any particular order.

1. Mgla – Exercises in Futility (Northern Heritage Records)

If I personally had to pick my favorite album of this year it would undoubtedly be this record. When these guys came up with, “With Hearts Toward None” I thought this would be their crowning moment of their career but Mgla’s 3rd studio record proved me otherwise. This record speaks of the utter futility of life, hopes, dreams and aspirations in the most intense and cold way possible. Mgla are in a league of their own at this point and this album has clearly cemented their place in the Black Metal underground.


Stream The Album Below:


2. Deafheaven – New Bermuda (Anti-Records)

I was completely unaware of this bands existence until a friend suggested me this. “New Bermuda” is a fusion of Black Metal, thrash, shoegaze and all of these blends so well. This might not sit well with Black Metal purists but for me this has been a very refreshing listen as it manages to balance so many different forms of music in one complete record. All in all a must listen, just for the sheer diversity this album has portrayed.


Stream The Album Below:


3. Horrendous – Anareta (Dark Descent Records)

What a band, what a great fucking band! Horrendous has to be one of my favorite Death metal acts of recent times along with Dead Congregation, Undergang and Morbus Chron. These guys caught my attention with their previous year’s record “Ecdysis“ which completely blew me away and this year has been no different. To release an equally brilliant album within a year of releasing their sophomore speaks volumes about the quality of musicians these guys are. Along with Morbus Chron, Horrendous plays this imaginative/progressive sort of Death Metal which does not sound like the “look we are so brutal”, 80’s Death metal copycats of today. Horrendous does not stick to any particular genre, one moment you see a more violent side of the band and the next moment they just slow down the pace and builds a completely different atmosphere, and all of it fits together so nicely without sounding desperate or pretentious.


Stream The Album Below:

4. Ad Nauseam – Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est (Lavadome Productions)

“Nihil Quam” is the Italian tech/death mongers debut record and they seem to have struck all the right chords here. The groundwork for this album was laid by Gorguts’ “Obscura” nearly two decades ago but this is no copy-paste stuff. Many will argue that this is just another Deathspell Omega, Gorguts influenced band and I do not disagree but that does not take any credit away from the band. I myself needed a few listens to really get into the album. Yes, it might seem a bit out of places at times but overall a good album and definitely worth multiple listens.

Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est (Cover).jpg

Stream The Album Below:

5. Deathhammer – Evil Power (Hells Headbangers Records)

Hailing from Norway Deathhammer is a two piece band playing a brand of blackened death thrash which seemed to have been lost in the eternal depths of the metal cavern. After I first listened to this band it was hard for me to digest that this is just a two piece band. It makes your blood boil and you feel like breaking everything in your sight. “Evil Power” is 35 minutes of pure, unrelenting madness. I did not find a single dull moment in the album but if I had to pick my two favorite tracks from this album it would be “Satan Is Back” and “Sinner’s Possession”, “Satan Is Back” is perhaps the single greatest thrash metal song I have heard in ages.

P.S. The artwork is hilarious. Whenever I look at it, it cracks me up.


Stream The Album Below:

6. Cruciamentum – Charnel Passages (Profound Lore Records)

Cruciamentum is a four-piece Death Metal band from UK and they share members with Grave Miasma. Formed in 2007 they released their debut full length after two demos and an EP. The atmosphere is fantastic in this record and the overall production is very good. This is pure OSDM worship bordering more on the Swedish Death metal sound (a lot of Bolt Thrower influence also). The guitar cuts through the dense, murky atmosphere and takes you to a journey through the pits of hell.


Stream The Album Below:


7. Hooded Menace – Darkness Drips Forth (Relapse Records)

This is the fourth studio album by Finland’s death-doom brigade Hooded Menace and they have done a very commendable job here. Their debut “Fulfill The Curse” would undoubtedly be one of my most favorite Death-doom records and their follow up “Never Cross The Dead” was equally brilliant. Talking of this record, “Darkness Drips Forth” simply crushes you to the point till you cease to exist. The album consists of four songs each clocking the 10 minutes mark which gave them more time to improvise and work with progressions. This is some really heavy stuff!!


Stream The Album Below:

8. Archgoat – The Apocalyptic Triumphator (Debemur Morti Productions)

This is probably their best stuff yet. It may not be as raw as their debut “Whore of Bethlehem” but frankly speaking I felt this is a more matured album from the progenitors of War Metal. The most positive aspect of this album has been the production, it’s clean and no instrument overshadows the other. The balance in this record is just perfect and the more polished production does not take anything away from the hate laden war hymns the band had to offer in this record.


Stream The Album below:

9. Purtenance – …To Spread The Flame Of Ancients (Xtreem Music)

Purtenance’s comeback album “Awaken From Slumber” was at best an average album but they have definitely stomped their authority with this album. This album has everything with which we generally associate the Finnish Death Metal sound. The production is murky, heavy and filthy. Some of the songs are really fast paced and the rest incline more towards the classic Finnish-death sound; mid-paced, atmosphere laden metal of death. They released their classic “Member of Immortal Damnation” way back in 1992 and this record sure does remind us of their glory days.


Stream The Album Below:

10. Dead To A Dying World – Litany (Tofu Carnage Records)

Dead To A Dying World’s sophomore “Litany” has been one of the highlights of the year for me. It’s haunting, chaotic yet I feel a soothing effect whenever I hear this album. It’s a beautiful take on life in general; there’s struggle, hope, joy and eventually eternal damnation. “Litany” is a memoir of a world slowly dying and crumbling away. Overall, this album is a beautiful amalgamation of black and doom metal fused with a haunting and melancholic atmosphere that tends to linger on even after you have finished listening to the album.


Stream The Album Below:


I would like to restrict this list to 10 albums only (for now), though there are more equally brilliant albums I have come across which I haven’t mentioned and even more left for me to discover. If I get time I’ll be doing a second part soon. Till then cheers as we eagerly look forward to another year of more awesome music.


Written by: The Scene Kid

Hidden Gems Of NWOBHM

The New Wave of British Heavy Metal suffered the same decline as many other musical movements. Many of the movement’s leaders were unable to follow up on their initial successes. In addition, many bands moved further away from the era towards hard rock, with Def Leppard targeting the American market with a more refined sound and Iron Maiden adopting a more progressive style, but there are some hidden gems of NWOBHM.

In 1980 British record label Logo Records released an album compilation of various obscure NWOBHM bands.

The Idea behind this article is to make heavy metal fans aware about these bands lost in time.

The Tracklist Is:

01. Turbo – Running
02. Buffalo – Battle Torn Heroes
03. Streetfighter – She’s No Angel
04. Stormtrooper – Grind ‘n’ Heat
05. Tarot – Feel The Power
06. Bastille – Hard Man
07. Oxym – Hot Rain
08. Dawnwatcher – Firing On All Eight
09. Vardis – If I Were King (N.E.W. Take)
10. Silverwing – Rock & Roll Are Four Letter Words
11. Rhabstallion – Chain Reaction
12. Colossus – Holding Back Your Love
13. Jedediah Strut – Workin’ Nights
14. Warrior – Still On The Outside
15. Kosh – The Hit
16. Race Against Time – Bedtime

Stream The Album Below:


For Download Links Click Here


Written By: Malignantor