Interview With Amorphia

Amorphia is a three-piece old school thrash metal band from Alappuzha, Kerala. They have recently acquired quite a name after the release of their single titled ‘The Lieber Code’. Very soon they’ll be coming up with their debut album which will be produced by Transcending Obscurity. Planet Caravan recently got the chance of chatting up with these guys.
PC: The band was formed in 2013. Tell us about the formation, and the significance of the name Amorphia?  

Amorphia: We three knew each other  well from our college times, as we had another college band of 5 members back then. Amorphia was formed after that band was disbanded and we three started jamming together. We were greatly influenced by bands like Sodom and Kreator. Among the bands from India and one of our major influences is Kryptos.  We three with almost same musical influence and taste led to forming this band.

Amorphia’s music, as the name signifies, is comprised of the changes and disorders happening around the globe. The band’s music is directed towards those changes and we express that anger and arrogance in our music.


PC: What are the themes that you incorporate in your lyrics and music?

Amorphia: The first album is entirely based on the war-related issues and controversies happening or have happened around the globe .We have tried to show the pure hate, aggression, crookedness that are always involved in wars.

PC:  Have you released any other tracks apart from your debut single The Lieber Code? Are you satisfied with the response that the track has received?

Amorphia: Yeah, our first single is actually Master of Death. You can check out our SoundCloud page for that ( We are very much satisfied with the response we got from the track. We received lots of suggestions and experiences so that we can make out our album a better package.

PC: So when is your album coming out?

Amorphia: If everything goes on schedule, it will be out in December 2016.

PC:  How is the metal in Kerala, what are some other bands from your part of the city?

Amorphia: Chaos and the Down Troddence, who are big names in Indian metal scene, are from Kerala and we used to look up to in our initial days .Talking about the Kerala metal scene, it still has a long way to go according to us. Most of the people who listen to metal music in Kerala are students and since the production and other costs for conducting gigs in Kerala are higher than other cities, the organizers are forced to price tickets a bit high and turnouts are poor . Most of the time the organizers end up in losses. So the number of metal gigs taking place in Kerala is like only 2 or 3 per year which is not at all encouraging for the upcoming metal bands. Also, we have seen that once these young listeners become graduated, they move to other cities for jobs and really don’t follow what’s happening here; thus when a band releases their music, the sales of their CDs and merchandise are very low and the bands find it difficult to survive. According to us, there are only about 80-100 genuine metal people in Kerala  who have been traveling around to see their favorite bands and supporting them by buying their stuff and showing up for their gigs . We hope the numbers will get bigger.

PC:  You are signed to Transcending Obscurity. How did the deal happen?

Amorphia: Kunal approached us and for a young band like us, it was a great opportunity and platform to make our music reach a larger audience. We met him personally before signing up when he came for one of our gigs in Bangalore.

PC: How would you like to differentiate between playing live and recording a studio album? What are the challenges of playing live, and any funny incidents you would like to share?

Amorphia: We have never been to a proper studio actually. Both our singles have been tracked in our jam room in a cheap home recording setup, engineered by our guitarist Vasu. So we don’t know how it will be in a studio and can’t tell the differences.

Coming to main challenges of playing live for us, are actually the unfamiliar backlines we need to use in gigs and also less sound checking time. Can’t complain though because that’s how it works everywhere I guess for a band like us .Recently we played a gig alongside the mighty Kryptos and Dying Embrace in Bangalore with a huge production .While I was checking the drums, I felt the bass drum skin was a bit loose so I tightened it .When sound engineer came bass drum was sounding like snare and he went mad for changing the entire drum tuning and he literally kicked me out of the venue actually. Lol!


PC: What bands and artists do you people look up to as the influences behind your music?

Amorphia:  Sodom, Kreator, Merciless, Kryptos (Nolan Lewis), Dying Embrace (Vikram Bhatt) have been very supportive and inspiring in many ways.

PC:  An article recently came out in a reputed webzine complaining about the state of redundancy in metal, how metal has failed to explore into new territories. Hence, being a strictly old-school band, what is your opinion on the issue?

Amorphia: I, personally, feel that  bands such as Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica etc. have already covered the most of the territories that metal music can reach. We also lacked guitar heroes and charismatic vocalist in the last decades. You can’t find many guitarists who are writing brilliant riffs and solos like 70s and 80s now and also great front-men. Guitar heroes and operatic singing vocalists are becoming an extinct breed. Most of the stuff coming out now are the 3rd rated versions of prime 80 sand 90s (including us, Lol!).This quality decrease is also a reason why I think metal music is getting  the redundancy. But you see these NWOTHM bands such as Enforcer etc. are showing that there are still new territories for metal music

PC:  Name five albums that have influenced your band’s music?

Amorphia: Merciless: The Awakening, Metallica: Kill’Em All, Kreator:  Pleasure to Kill, Sodom:  Tapping the Vein, Sodom:  Agent Orange.

PC: Any last words?

Amorphia: We have ten thousand tons of old school thrash metal attack on your way .Keep following us and support the bands you like, and keep thrashing around Maniacs!!!

Written by – The Scene Kid

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