Forged In Fire III: The Bands | Armament

How can you imagine gig organized by Kolkata Old School Metal Association (KOSMA) to not have Armament in the line up?  So, they are the fifth band to be interviewed by us for Forged In Fire III.

Armament was formed in 2011 by a few guys in Calcutta who had the vision of creating “raw, lightning-fast, no-bullshit thrash metal” and they have stood strong to it till now, making their mark in both the local and international metal scenes. They have been through a lot of hurdles over the five years, including a number of line-up changes but somehow that didn’t stop them from making music and performing.

Armament’s sound reminds us of the 80’s ‘evil’ thrash metal bands like Sodom, Destruction etc which are indeed their influences. These guys even had the chance of opening for Destruction when they visited India sometime around 2014. Almost all of the duties of the band have changed hands with the vocalist Indranil and bassist Sayan being the constant pillars. The band refers to their members as the Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse namely, “Death”, “Famine”, “War” and “Conquest” and loves to address the fans as “Warriors”. They have released one EP titled ‘First Strike’ till now under Transcending Obscurity, with great songs like “Gas Chamber”, “Chaos Prevails”, and are supposedly working on new material.

Our chat with Indranil went as follows:

PC:  So Armament recently turned five. How has the journey been?

Armament: Well, it’s been an experience filled with emotions to say the least. Having our brothers start a movement so brilliant to playing alongside the people you worship as gods, and both of us know who we are talking ‘bout here. Ha Ha! But yes, it’s been surreal.
Although all credits go to you folks out there, cause of whom the urge to get up there and play our hearts out has only increased from time. We can humbly admit that the band has served as a life lesson for each and every member who has been a part of this crusade. We were lucky to have played alongside and for some of the truest lovers of Old School music.

PC: What are you currently working on?

Armament: With the line-up more stable than ever, new monsters are being bred in the closet, bringing down half dead bodies from the shelves-bringing them to life- if you know what I mean. A brand new original will be on its way this weekend which we will be performing live for the first time.

PC: What are your future plans regarding releases and gigs?

Armament: Right now we are concentrating on creating more of the “forbidden thrash” for our listeners which hopefully could be ready in the form of a full length somewhere next year.

PC: How different is the Kolkata metal scene now from the time when you guys just started out?

Armament: The most positive part in these 5 years is to find a bunch of new faces every gig. Although, to the some extent, ego and approach has somewhere taken its effect in a few turns but it is true and undeniable that despite having a diverse music scene in Kolkata, especially in the Old School circuit, and the number of gigs happening round the year is the most consoling thing for a metalhead to find a bunch of guys trying to make a difference. And by this of course we are referring to the bands that have come up in these last five years. We have a feeling that this army will only grow in number.

PC: What can we expect at the gig from Armament?

Armament: It is always a pleasure playing in your own backyard in front of our people who has seen us through the years, especially when it comes to a KOSMA gig and sharing the stage with the might of Kryptos for the second time makes it more worthwhile. Also looking for decimating performances from the likes of Dreadhammer and Thrasher Boys from the Neighbourhood.
As for Armament, we are scheduled for worshipping the darkest side of Thrash Metal for the upcoming Forged in Fire III Gig. Do join us as we pay tribute to the likes of Quorthon and Cronos for the birth of Evil.
Also for all our crazy listeners, especially the ones who missed out on the last time we will be having our t-shirts or “Armours” as we like to call it, available at the gates. See ya fucks in the pit, hopefully bloodied.

Vocals – Indranil
Guitars – Vivek
Bass – Sayan
Drums – Subham

Spread the Hate.. \m/