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So Fistful of Steel, the debut gig organized by Earth One Productions, took place last Saturday at Kolkata. It was a usual day in July with slight hints of rain and a group of metalheads gathered at the venue situated at Salt Lake for a day dedicated to metal.

The first band to take the stage was Vulgustrike and they kickstarted the gig with lots of energy. They did great covers like Sepultura’s “Screams Behind The Shadows” and an Exumer number that the crowd enjoyed a lot. Rest of their songs were originals. Although the band was tight as a whole, the drummer Sayak Bagchi stole the show with his killer rolls and blastbeats. Overall, I found the band giving a lot of Pantera vibes.

Up next were the death metallers Divide Torture who are already quite well-known in the scene. Denzil Davidson managed the guitar duties remarkably well in place of their old guitarist and the drummer Bob played with unbelievable speed and precision. Like in their previous gig just a few months back, this time also they covered Cancer’s “Hung, Drawn And Quartered” that sent the crowd into a headbanging spree. The band also played a few of their OCs including the new one “SNAFU”, and added a touch of humor by giving a tribute to their new guitarist in the form of playing Napalm Death’s “You Suffer.”

The next band Xplikator delivered a heavy dose of in your face old school thrash metal. Like I did for the first two bands, I have to give the drummer Chirantan a special mention here as well. Their OCs were appreciated a lot and so we’re their covers of iconic tracks like “Raining Blood”. Personally, I liked the performance of this act the most.  The death/thrash veterans Deadbolt were next in line. I have been watching Deadbolt performing since 2013 and they have indeed gotten better with time. Nilabja had been the usual great frontman that he is, and Denzil showed his mastery with the guitars here as well. They also did a splendid Sepultura cover (“Inner Self”).

Strangulate was insane as well. They were the only band who didn’t do any covers and just concentrated on their originals. They played most of the songs from their album ‘Catacombs Of Decay‘ released last year. The overall sound of the band was of very high standards. Finally the gig ended on a high note with the old timers Evil Conscience. There is performance doesn’t need much talking about. They have been putting up electrifying performances everywhere for quite a long time now. But, in this gig, their Necrophagist cover was the best among all of the songs they performed.

Overall the gig was a nice experience and the organizers did a great job with their first venture. However I did find the attendance a bit low but I guess things will be better with time.
Cheers to Earth One Productions for pulling off their debut gig so well!

– Spirit Crusher and The Scene Kid

The images used here have been provided by Arkadeep Deb and he reserves all the rights.


Fragarak Releases New Track

Experimental death metal band Fragarak from New Delhi, India released a new track from their upcoming second album just a few days back. A Spectral Oblivion‘ will be a 11-track concept album and the band has taken an “experimental approach to heavy metal” and the album.  They even got the Australian drummer Louis Rando (Impiety) to record for the album.

“In Rumination II – Reflections” is a 11-minute long track which has many progressive and melodic elements which makes it stand out from the conventional death metal bands. Particularly the guitars sound very well, from the heavy riffs to the acoustic parts.

Here’s a link where the album can be streamed:

These guys will be going on a seven city tour after releasing this album. They will be releasing the album at Kolkata Old School Metal Association’s seventh gig Strength of Steel II on the 20th of August at Triguna Sen Auditorium, Jadavpur University, Kolkata. They will be playing there alongside 6 of Kolkata’s great bands. Be there to witness some pure old school magic. Get your passes now!


Loathfinder – The Great Tired Ones Review | Planet Caravan

Godz Ov War Productions are about to release the debut EP of a band called Loathfinder in April. They are a blackened doom act from Poland, and we just received an advanced promotional copy of ‘The Great Tired Ones’ from the label to review.

Before I go into the tracks of this EP, the first thing that I liked about this album is the fascinating cover art which has been done by Robert A. von Ritter (Outre, Diabolizer, Witchmaster) with the design and colours being the creations of Maciej Kamuda (Nekrofilth, Kingdom, Ectovoid). The mixing and mastering on this has been done by Haldor Grunberg of Satanic Audio (Azarath, Thaw, Blaze Of Perdition).
The very first track itself establishes the slow morbid death/doom metal sound of the EP. The gainy riff has a bit of stoner doom influences of the likes of Sleep and Electric Wizard and the vocals sound along the lines of Obituary’s Tardy. The melodies and the melancholy guitar interludes add a different flavor to the song. The next track “Feast On My Entrails” goes a bit more aggressive and the tempo changes are really good.

“Scents Of Regression” begins with a pounding bass intro and has a oppressive atmoshphere throughtout the riffs. The vocals are also tighter in this one and needless to say this one’s my favourite track from this record. The EP ends with the title track which has a very eerie intro and has melodic guitar interludes like the first song. The guitar works reach a new level here and the melodies have been perfectly placed alongside the riffs.

Overall this is a typical blackened doom sound with the band not going into any ‘experiments’ at all. But they have done a very decent job with the music and the mixing. This is likely to appeal a lot to the old school crowd.

Written by – Spirit Crusher

In Human – Voices Review

Usually at the review section, we write about upcoming albums or albums that have been released recently. For the first time, we decided to go back in time and review an album which was released way back in 2010. In Human is among one of the finest death metal acts to have emerged out of Kokata, India. They were notorious for not performing live that much and were often thought of to be a tribute/cover band as the few shows they performed in were flooded by covers of Death numbers. They released their debut album ‘Voices’ in 2010 which sold quite a number of copies in the local scene. However, they have been in a long hiatus in the recent years and are aiming to make a comeback with a new album along with a new line-up.


The album starts with a piano-like intro based on the theme of “Voice Of The Soul” from Death’s album Sound of Perseverance which has been re-arranged by Ankit, the vocalist/guitarist. The heavy riffs and fast beats start at once from the second song titled “In Human Morality”. Heavy influences of Chuck Schuldiner on both the riffs and vocals can be noticed in this track and I personally liked the solo at the middle very much.  The third track “Power Struggle” begins with a slow melodious section that suddenly breaks off into the main riff. The prolonged guitar solo has a very Marty Friedman feel attached to it and adds a different flavor to the album; the song ends with the melodic section of the beginning playing once again along with the riff.

“Vicious Cycle” has a very thrashy feel and the harsh vocals get replaced by a voiceover that goes on throughout the song. The bass has been handled brilliantly in this song. “Residual Emotions” makes the sound return to the style of early death metal acts like Obituary and Death. The changes of tempo are precise and just at the right places. “Rigor Mortis” is also another very technically sound track of this album and the voiceovers, occasional solos and the riffs make the song very progressive in nature, unlike the traditional death metal bands. The final track “I Am Legion” was the very first original composed by the band and according to the members is an in-joke within the band. All elements of extreme metal has been exaggerated intentionally in this song along with a riff that sounds almost like an iconic Cannibal Corpse riff.
The lyrical themes of the album deal mainly with violence, death, terrorism among other thing. All lyrics have been written by Ankit except “Residual Emotions”. Overall, this is no doubt a very decent album and should appeal to all old school metal  enthusiasts along with the lovers of technically sound music.  However the only negative aspect of the album is the quality of production but that somehow makes the sound like the 90s’ death metal acts.


And, as I have mentioned before, these guys are planning to make a return with a new line-up with Ankit remaining the only constant member. Stay tuned!!


Ankit Mitra – Guitars/Vocals
Anirudh Goswami – Bass
Shiladitya Sengupta – Guitars
Korak Sarkar – Drums


1. Soul
2. In Human Morality
3. Power Struggle
4. Vicious Cycle
5. Residual Emotions
6. Rigor Mortis
7. I Am Legion

Written By – Spirit Crusher

Horrified – Of Despair Review

Hailing from Newcastle upon Tyne, Horrified are a death metal act that aims at making there sound unique by adding melodic and ‘melancholic’ elements. This makes the sound as old school as possible but however they do not sound like mere copiers of the legends of old school death metal. The band was formed in 2013 as a studio project by the vocalist/guitarist Dan Alderson and they have produced one album prior to Of Despair in 2014. This album surpasses the debut album “Descent into Putridity” in many aspects with a much different sound and clearly shows how much the musicianship has developed among the members.


Artwork Done By Raul Gonzalez

Of Despair clearly points out influences of early Death, Possessed, Dissection and bands of that era and also a huge influence of the Swedeath sound can be found, the Dismember resemblance is quite visible. The album forms a diverse soundscape with occasional changes in tempo and the guitars often go on to play catchy melodic harmonic licks in the middle of the classic aggressive death/black metal riffs. Other notable thingsare the varied and clearly audible bass accompanying the guitars and the great work with the snares. The vocals however could have been a bit more clear and prominent on the record; but the unclear vocals should probably appeal to traditional OSDM listeners.

Stream Or Purchase The Album Below:

The vinly version is released via Infernal Devastation Records, to buy it click here
The balance between the heavy riffing and the melodic parts is done perfectly with the very first track beginning with a melodic guitar intro and soon going off into a much more aggressive sound. The album may be said to be more of a roller coaster ride because of the occasional changes in sound and at no point does it sound monotonous. The two songs that I may call my favorites from this album are definitely “Funeral Pyre’ and ‘Infernal Lands” both of which end with catchy melodic guitar harmonies,
As a final verdict, I’ll say that this is a very good album and definitely much better than the debut one and Horrified will definitely go a long way with more of such releases in the future, perhaps a new Horrendous on the rise. Moreover, this album will appeal to both old school and new school metal lovers.


Dan Alderson – Guitars/ Vocals

Rob Hindmarshh – Guitars

Dan Hughes – Bass

Matthew Henderson – Drums


Written By: The Scene Kid

Strangulate – Catacombs Of Decay Review

The city of Kolkata seems to be on a dry spell considering classic old school death metal releases in the recent times with bands like Purgation Inc. and In Human remaining somewhat inactive in the scene. But soon we are to see Strangulate release their debut album, “Catacombs of Decay” and I have been really lucky to get my hands on this. Strangulate started out as a grindcore act in 2012 but gradually over the years they have shifted to raw old school death metal. Now in 2016, they have finally succeeded in coming out with an album having eight bone crushing tracks. The album has been created under the label of Transcending Obscurity who launched Third Soveireign’s “Perversion Swallowing Sanity” just a few days back.

“Catacombs of Decay’ has been recorded by Denzil Davidson (guitars and bass), Subasish Mitra (vocals) and Prakash Paul as a session drummer. The production quality is not top notch or crystal clear like the modern death metal bands and that makes the album preserve the essence of death metal.  The songs sound like as if they have been recorded in the late 80s or the early 90s and we are reminded of the Barnes era Cannibal Corpse, along with death metal acts of that time like Morbid Angel, Vader and Suffocation.
The fast paced brutal attack of the guitars and the double bass drums start from the first song, “Barbaric Decadence” and continue throughout the eight songs. However there are occasional changes of tempo and lightning fast solos on almost every song and these should make all death metal lovers hook onto this album. Although all songs start off with fast blast beats and guitars, there are also songs like “Orchestrated Massacre” which start off slow but pick up pace later on.

The lyrics are full of themes of torture, blood, horror and suffering and the vocals are a lot like Cannibal Corpse, as I have said before. It is however very difficult to choose a song that I liked the most from this album as all the songs are equally brilliant and will give everyone 33 minutes of sheer head banging pleasure.  But the song that stood out to my ears is definitely “Misogynistic Horror” with the short bass solo that goes on into blasting riffs. Denzil has done an equally epic job with the bass as much as he has done with the guitars. The drums have also been programmed with perfection and Prakash has executed them very well.
Overall, it is a great release and I would recommend this to any death metal lover.


1.Barbaric Decadence
2.Primordial Execution
3.Dungeons of Despair
4.Misogynistic Horror
5.Orchestrated Massacre
6. Humanity’s End
7. Blood and Bones
8. Catacombs of Decay



Denzil Davidson  – Guitars and Bass
Subasish Mitra – Vocals
Prakash Paul – Drums

Written By : Spiritcrusher