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So Fistful of Steel, the debut gig organized by Earth One Productions, took place last Saturday at Kolkata. It was a usual day in July with slight hints of rain and a group of metalheads gathered at the venue situated at Salt Lake for a day dedicated to metal.

The first band to take the stage was Vulgustrike and they kickstarted the gig with lots of energy. They did great covers like Sepultura’s “Screams Behind The Shadows” and an Exumer number that the crowd enjoyed a lot. Rest of their songs were originals. Although the band was tight as a whole, the drummer Sayak Bagchi stole the show with his killer rolls and blastbeats. Overall, I found the band giving a lot of Pantera vibes.

Up next were the death metallers Divide Torture who are already quite well-known in the scene. Denzil Davidson managed the guitar duties remarkably well in place of their old guitarist and the drummer Bob played with unbelievable speed and precision. Like in their previous gig just a few months back, this time also they covered Cancer’s “Hung, Drawn And Quartered” that sent the crowd into a headbanging spree. The band also played a few of their OCs including the new one “SNAFU”, and added a touch of humor by giving a tribute to their new guitarist in the form of playing Napalm Death’s “You Suffer.”

The next band Xplikator delivered a heavy dose of in your face old school thrash metal. Like I did for the first two bands, I have to give the drummer Chirantan a special mention here as well. Their OCs were appreciated a lot and so we’re their covers of iconic tracks like “Raining Blood”. Personally, I liked the performance of this act the most.  The death/thrash veterans Deadbolt were next in line. I have been watching Deadbolt performing since 2013 and they have indeed gotten better with time. Nilabja had been the usual great frontman that he is, and Denzil showed his mastery with the guitars here as well. They also did a splendid Sepultura cover (“Inner Self”).

Strangulate was insane as well. They were the only band who didn’t do any covers and just concentrated on their originals. They played most of the songs from their album ‘Catacombs Of Decay‘ released last year. The overall sound of the band was of very high standards. Finally the gig ended on a high note with the old timers Evil Conscience. There is performance doesn’t need much talking about. They have been putting up electrifying performances everywhere for quite a long time now. But, in this gig, their Necrophagist cover was the best among all of the songs they performed.

Overall the gig was a nice experience and the organizers did a great job with their first venture. However I did find the attendance a bit low but I guess things will be better with time.
Cheers to Earth One Productions for pulling off their debut gig so well!

– Spirit Crusher and The Scene Kid

The images used here have been provided by Arkadeep Deb and he reserves all the rights.


Forged In Fire III

Kolkata Old School Metal Association (KOSMA) has been dormant with respect to gigs since their last one in 2015 named Strength of Steel. That was indeed a huge success, and had the giants Albatross, Hellwind and Primitiv from Mumbai as outstation bands along with the local acts. And this time they decided to go all in on bringing in one of the finest heavy metal bands in India as the headlining act. Yes, it is none other than the mighty Kryptos from Bangalore. With just one month to go for the gig, we decided to write an article about it.
We’ve already revealed the headliner but the base of the music scene of any place is built up by the local acts and it is nothing different for Kolkata. Five of the city’s acts will be there at the gig to make you all bang your heads. The local acts include the veterans Armament (Thrash Metal), Blakhole (Punk) and Falcun (Heavy Metal), and two new kids in the scene – The Neighborhood Thrashers (Thrash Metal), Dreadhammer (Thrash Metal). TNT and Dreadhammer have already showed their potentials in Calcutta Punk Society’s Rise Above just a few months back.

Now, the interesting part of the gig is that it will be completely crowd funded and people can pay whatever they want to above the base price of the early bird passes (Rs. 400/-). This concept has already been implemented in KOSMA’s Forged In Fire II and the response was overwhelming. And like every gig of KOSMA, this one is also a pure DIY event organized by the people having a sheer passion for heavy metal music, and there are no sponsors and support from the so called corporate world.
So if you are a heavy metal fan and can be in Kolkata in January 21st, 2017, be sure to attend this or else you may miss out on something massive.

RSVP here:
Passes have already started selling and there are various methods of payment.
For offline passes you can contact the following numbers: 8017345432, 8017838486, 9804236688.
Alternatively, if you have a credit/debit card, you can buy the tickets from here.

Get your passes fast or else the base price for the passes may increase.

Be there to support the local scene.

Stay tuned to us for detailed interviews of the each of the six bands. Cheers!

RISE ABOVE: Know the Bands!

With just three days to go, we at Planet Caravan decided to put forward some information about the bands in the lineup, so that you know exactly what to expect at this gig on the 17th. We got in touch with all the bands and they helped us to compile this.

Genre: Punk

Hometown: Kolkata, India

Protyush Paul –Vocals
Somadatta Mazumdar –Bass
Indraj Ghosh – Guitar
Shakya Chatterjee-Drums

Blakhole was formed way back in 2011 and is probably the only existing punk band of Kolkata.They  have played in quite a lot of local gigs. “Blakhole, as a band, doesn’t really plan far ahead. At least hasn’t so far. We would like to play together and keep creating music that makes us happy right now. We definitely want to put out a physical release sometime in the future. As for gigs, we love ’em – the sheer rush, the nerves. It is the ultimate high. We’d like to play live as much as we can; there’s nothing like it”, says Somdatta, the bassist, ‘Rise Above’ is gonna be special. It’s the debut venture of CPS(Calcutta Punk Society) and hopefully, the first of many. The city needs its dose of DIY gigs like it regularly. Blakhole promises to give all that we have got. It’s gonna be fun. Hey ho, let’s go!”

The Neighborhood Thrashers:
Thrash Metal

Hometown: Kolkata, India

Members:  (They prefer to be called by their aliases)
Cazz Bhai – Bass
Assholeman – Vocals
Anonymous – Drums
Straightedge  – Guitars

The Neighborhood Thrashers or T.N.T as they prefer to call themselves are the new kids in town who want to thrash hard. “We just want to keep on making thrash metal and performing, getting signed, releasing stuff”, says the guitarist, “RISE ABOVE , our debut gig, is gonna be a fast, offensive, neck breaking, in your face experience!”

Thrash Metal

Hometown: Kolkata, India

Peter Sarkar – Vocals
Swapnanil sardar – Guitar
Soumava Chatterjee – Bass
Chirantan Ray – Drums

Xplikator will also be playing their debut gig this Saturday. “We plan to play as many gigs as possible so the people of the “scene” have a better understanding of us and of course we’ll continue to write and record new music” says the band, “We’re super pumped to be playing at RISE ABOVE, the first ever punk gig of the city. Be there to support the local bands. See y’all in the pit!! \m/”

Genre: Thrash Metal

Hometown: Kolkata, India

Rishav Bhattacharya – Vocals, Guitars
Arya Datta – Guitars
Suprovo Chowdhury – Bass
Rohan Bakshi – Drums

Dreadhammer is also one of the new entrants at the scene. ”To be really honest, As far as future plans go, we don’t have anything planned and we aim to keep it that way.  We are just going with the flow and working on our fresh approach to Thrash Metal. But we are working hard on ourselves, getting a little better every day and I think that’s what matters. But, we might drop an EP sometime around next year though.
Rise Above by CPS will be our first gig. The first time people will see us playing live. This is gonna be a very special moment in all of our lives. People responded really well to our first original ‘Might Of Chaos’ and that was very overwhelming for all of us. We’ll make sure not to disappoint. We’ll be playing our second and never ever heard before original at this gig. So quote me on this one. ‘Rise Above is gonna be a fucking old school metal marathon!’”, says Rishav.

Genre: Thrash Metal

Hometown: Kolkata, India

“War” – Vocals – Indranil
“Famine” – Guitars – Vivek
“Conquest” – Bass – Sayan
“Death” – Drums – Subham

Armament has been round the Indian metal scene for quite some time now. They launched their EP “First Strike” last year which had been a huge success in the metal community of India, and even abroad.
Here’s what Indranil Dasgupta, the front man, has to say: “It’s been a while we have come out in front of you guys and evidently the last time was one of the special times we have shared with the EP launch. The guns are loaded once more and this time with a darker force. Annihilation is assured for the weak. We are really looking forward to the rise of new communities that support heavy metal music in its purest form. The guys in Calcutta Punk Society are working their asses off to pull this one off; a first timer for them. Kudos to these guys for they only pushed the band to go up live again! As for future gigs, we are taking it one at a time to be honest.  As for the army, we will have some cool merch on the day. With lineup changes, it has been a little tough to do live gigs but composing new stuff is what drives us and we will be coming up with the new poison pretty soon. As for a final message, it’s an honour to say it again ‘Warriors… It’s Time to Choose Your Weapons.’  See you fucks this weekend \m/”

Genre: Heavy Metal

Hometown: Kolkata, India

Vocals- Abhishek
Guitars- Samrat ,Anirban
Bass- Nilavro
Drums- Bob

Initially formed as a supergroup comprising the members of Mortar and Armament, Steelbird was a band that used to cover heavy metal songs of the likes of Judas Priest and Mercyful Fate. Later they changed their name to Falcun last year and came up with two widely acclaimed originals “Eye of the Storm” and “Child of Prophecy.”
“Falcun is concentrating on making plenty of songs before even thinking about an album. We need to get our lineup fixed and tight. Hopefully this gig will be a boon”, says Samrat, the guitarist “We are much honored to get in this lineup with our brothers Armament and some old faces. I am also personally very excited to see this influx of new bands and their determination to get a gig done. Hopefully these kids will stick true to their music and not give up when they get the reality about Kolkata’s audience.”

So what are you waiting for? Get your passes ASAP!

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– Spirit Crusher