Sinner – Tequila Suicide Review

Even though front-man Mat Sinner must surely have his hands full with his many projects (Primal Fear, Voodoo Circle, Silent Force, the Rock Meets Classic project), he evidently still finds plenty of time for his band, Sinner, who have been part of the German heavy/ power metal scene in various forms since 1982, selling over a million albums worldwide.
Due on March 31 via AFM Records, ‘Tequila Suicide’ is the German heavy metal band’s eighteenth studio album, being co-produced by Mat Sinner and Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69), and features Matt on vocals and bass, Tom Naumann and Alex Scholpp on guitars and Francesco Jovino on drums, plus special guest artists such as Gus G (Ozzy Osbourne, Firewind), Ricky Warwick (The Almighty, Thin Lizzy), Pete Lincoln (The Sweet) and Magnus Karlsson (Primal Fear).

The record kicks off with a bang, opening with fast and hard rockers such as “Go Down Fighting”, a fast number with a punkish feel and the title song “Tequila Suicide”, one of the highlights of the album with its energetic licks and catchy hook. The record transitions to a strong midsection, straddling various genres such as the power metal rocker “Dragons”, “Battle Hill” a hard and impactful metal number with a slight Celtic feel, and then going mellow in the fine ballad “Sinner Blues”. The latter part of the album continues delivering hard rock/ metal songs that, while fun to listen to, ultimately fail to stand out much, with the exceptions of “Gypsy Rebels” and the closing track, “Dying On A Broken Heart”, another soft number that gives the album a memorable ending.

Ultimately, while there is nothing on ‘Tequila Suicide‘ that hasn’t been done before, it still makes a worthy addition to the collection of any diehard metalhead, delivering a power packed mix of catchy vocals over frantic guitars and chugging bass, along with some really awesome album art – one hopes that Sinner release their next album soon.

Written by: Akshit Bajaj


Black Metal Band Lebenssucht Interview

Lebenssucht, a black metal band with members hailing from Germany and Bulgaria           released their first EP called ‘Fucking My Knife‘ previous year.Planet Caravan recently took their interview.Read it below.


 1. How did you guys come together?

  • S Caedes:  Ahephaïm and me, we already knew Déhà before, since he mastered the album of our other band Humanitas Error Est. We quickly felt, that there is a special link between us, so we visited him in Sofia, had a great time together, discussing a lot about who we are, what life means to us etc. and of course, also about music. The idea of having a band together was born, since we all felt the need to create something very special. Music, which is the mirror of our inner self. Music, with an nightmarish ambiance, which leaves you unhappy happy.


2. Déhà, you have so many projects going on right now. Is it difficult for you to squeeze out time?


  • Déhà: It is, but it’s not really a matter for me. It’s a visceral need to make music. With Lebenssucht, it is another form of expression. Also, it’s a band. Not a solo thing. Working with the whole band has become precious to me.


Lebenssucht Performing At Autumn Souls of Sofia Festival 2016


3. You guys just did a show in Sofia, how was the experience?

  •  Ahephaim: It was really great to bring our music live in the city where all begun! And the feedback from the audience was really amazing. Definitively a very nice experience.


  • S Caedes: I can clearly say that it was amazing. We also got very good feedback after our gig. Always great to know, that you can reach the people with your music. Especially live.


4. Tell us more about the EP- Fucking My Knife.


  • S Caedes: You should hear it, feel it. Then you know.


5. What were you guys thinking? Did you set out with any particular goals in mind or just wanted to bring hatred to the world?

  • S Caedes: Lebenssucht is not about bringing hatred to the world. It’s about enjoying your life, no matter what price you have to pay for. It’s about turning negativity into strength. Life is our drug.


  • Ahephaïm: As S Caedes said, hatred is not really what moves Lebenssucht, but a bunch of other feelings much more subtle. This band is like an emotions magnet, helping us to put in music the ugly things we have inside.



6. The EP isn’t exactly how we know DSBM to be. It has much heavier tinge of doom in it. Both in music and in vocals. Was that intentional?


  • S Caedes: Easy thing: we are not a pure DSBM band. We want to express ourself, and we are absolutely not interested in limiting our music to a special genre.


  • Déhà: I like to think that Lebenssucht is way past the typical DSBM scene but more in black metal. Of course, we can’t deny the influences, but we are most of all black metal.


 7. Any full lengths coming up?

  • Déhà: Yes.


  8. Do you guys prefer to remain underground or wish for more widespread popularity?

  • Ahephaïm: Personally, I don’t make music to listen to it in a cave with some grimy friends. Music is a way to communicate something and I don’t see why we should limit this communication to a very intimate circle. Lebenssucht will grow as far as the people who are listening to us will carry it. And it’s not a question of commerce, it’s just about sharing our universe and touch people who understand this microcosm.


  • Déhà: I speak for myself here: popularity is stupid. Otherwise we wouldn’t make this kind of music. Having recognition, people who understand us, that’s the goal.


  • S Caedes: I don’t care about underground or popularity. I want to reach people, who understand our music, who are able to feel our music.


 9. What are your musical influences? What drew you to music as a whole? What got you into metal? And how did you find your liking for extreme metal?

  • S Caedes: Primary I’m into DSBM and Black Metal. My favourite bands are Psychonaut 4, Lifelover and Taiga. Without any doubt. But I also like Marduk, Urgehal, Endstille, Taake – just to name a few. Besides this, I’m also very into Dark Ambient / Martial. Bands like In Slaughter Natives, Gnaw Their Tongues, Triarii, Puissance – again, just to name a few – are one of my favourites. This is always a matter, if I feel the need for harsh, brutal music or, like I always say, to be stitched by needles. What is the most important, that music gives me an extreme input. I need to feel it. Well, and how I came across extreme metal,… all started when I was 12/13. When I listened the first time Black Metal, I just knew, that’s it, that’s me.


  • Déhà: I am not going to answer since it would take forever concerning my own experience. But let’s say : my influences are huge, from Pink Floyd to Beethoven to Bones or actual black metal.


  • Ahephaïm: For my part, I listen to nearly everything as long as the music contains a real aura, no matter of style. My main influences are coming from the black metal/dark ambient scene but I also began with Guns N’ Roses and Metallica evolving through Brutal Death, Grindcore, Hardcore, Punk, Classic, or even bands like Die Antwoord, Suicide Commando, … All music genres have something great to offer. For me it was easy to come to the metal world as my parents were already in, listening bands like Led Zepplin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, … The way into the extreme is a lonely journey, something necessary for me avoiding going crazy with that much devouring and brutal feelings inside.


10. And how do you maintain balance between so many bands which all have such diverse sound?

  • S Caedes: Thing is, that every band includes a special part of my character and my (view of) life – this is also the reason why all bands sound different. I can express myself with all emotions, which need to be unleashed. What is the most important for me, that I always remain true to myself and my principles. And, to have enough physical and mental reserves for all bands.


  • Déhà: Making music as we see (hear) fit.


  • Ahephaïm: I really join S Caedes on this point. Every of my bands brings me something else, otherwise it wouldn‘t make any sense to cumulate several of them. You can‘t always express yourself completely in one entity, so you have to sometimes spread some parts of you with other ones.

Thanks for your time!


Lebenssucht Is:

S Caedes: Vocals

Ahephaim: Vocals, Drums

Déhà: Vocals,Guitars, Bass

Forged In Fire III: The Headliner | Kryptos

Well, less than two days are left for Forged In Fire III! And, now that we have covered all of the local bands, the time has come to talk about the headliner. KOSMA has been able to finally fulfill the long awaited dream of bringing Kryptos-undoubtedly one of the best old school heavy metal bands of India-to Kolkata.
Formed in 1998 by Nolan Lewis and Ganesh Krishnaswamy, the band has been hanging around the Indian metal scene for almost two decades, ‘evoking the true spirit of heavy metal the way it was always meant to be.’ Their sound has a strong blend of classic heavy metal bands like Priest and thrash bands like Kreator, and it has changed and evolved over their four albums.  They have supported some of the biggest names in heavy metal and toured Europe multiple times, and even played at Wacken Open Air (they are about to do it for the second time this year).


Photo Courtesy: AFM Records, Germany

They released their fourth album ‘Burn Up The Night’ under AFM Records, Germany just a few months back which has been widely acclaimed. We reviewed this album and you can read it here.

And, here’s how our conversation with Nolan about the band’s present and future turned out to be:

PC: You recently released ‘Burn Up The Night‘ which got numerous positive reviews. What are your thoughts on that?

Kryptos: It has been great so far. The overall reaction has been really positive. Sure, there are some who still prefer the aggression of our previous album, but most people who bought ‘Burn Up The Night‘ seem to really love it. The album’s been doing very well in Europe too; so things are good at the moment.

PC: What is Kryptos currently working on?

Kryptos: Nothing much. Just gearing up for a couple of gigs in Chennai and of course Kolkata. We’re really looking forward to that one!

PC: What are your future plans regarding albums and gigs? And how does it feel to be a part of Wacken Open Air for the second time?

Kryptos: We’re working on another European tour in the summer, and yeah it’s awesome to head back to Wacken again. That’s going to be fantastic. After that we’ll probably start writing again for the next album so it’s ready by mid 2018.

PC: I think Kryptos will be performing for the second time in Kolkata. What do you think about the metal scene of the city?

Kryptos: We had a blast the last time we played in Kolkata. There’s a really cool old school scene there and we get a lot of support from that side of the country. Plus, we have some good friends there who make sure we’re well taken care of .
And of course, the Kolkata scene has really good bands like Armament, Mortar, Deadbolt etc., so it’s always great to play there.

PC: What can we expect at the gig from Kryptos? And any message for your fans?

Kryptos: We’re just going to get out there and absolutely rage, and we’re going to drag everyone else along with us. We’ll put on a show that all the old school headbangers will remember for ages.To the fans we just have to say – Keep defending the faith. And don’t eat Five Star Chicken. It sucks. Haha!

So this is our last article regarding Forged In Fire III. We wish Kolkata Old School Metal Association all the very best for the gig! Everyone who can be in or around Kolkata do attend the show and provide some support to the local scene Passes will be available at the venue if you still haven’t got yours.

Cheers! Until next time!

Exumer – The Raging Tides Review

Germany is known for producing acts that are among the best in the world, and Frankfurt based Exumer formed in 1985 by vocalist/bassist Mem Von Stein and guitarist Ray Mensch is no exception.  Their album Possessed by Fire is a treasure in underground music. However, they disbanded in 1991 after producing two demos and two albums. They came back in 2009 and released Fire and Damnation in 2012. Well, now they are back with another album The Raging Tides, produced at the Waldstreet Sound in Dortmund by producer Waldemar Soychta who has also worked with Sodom.
The new album features the two founding members Stein and Mensch and it has more of original tracks than their last one which had a few renditions of songs from their older records. Now talking about the sound of the album, elements of the good old Teutonic thrash of the likes of Kreator, Sodom (post Persecution Mania) and Destruction can be seen. However the album also seems to be influenced by Exodus as the guitarists Ray Mensh and Marc Brutus approaches the tracks in the ways of Gary Holt and Rick Hunolt, also paying homage to the style of Hanneman and King as well.

The starting track instantly sets the atmosphere for some bone crushing thrash metal of the old days and it moves along the line of Exodus and the riffs do somewhat sound like their song ‘Deranged.” The raw and powerful vocals of Mem V. Stein with the raspy barks and the occasional misspelt words contribute greatly to the classic thrashy feel of the songs. “Brand of Evil’ moves along the same lines and the third track “Catatonic” takes on a different direction with the double bass intro and the Seek and Destroy-ish sound later on. The next three songs more or less move on the same pattern of the kick-snare with Sacred Defense having an exuberant solo and Sinister Souls having the Kerry King influenced whammy dives. “Shadow Walker”, with its fear inducing haunting intro and the feel on the solo is a personal favorite and it somewhat stands out from the other songs, in my opinion. ‘There Will Always be Blood’ screams of Exodus influences, despite being one of the best songs of the album and Death Factory has huge Destruction influences. The album also has two covers at the end and the slow sound of the band on “Forever My Queen’ does not live up to the marks of the other tracks.
However, the album has delivered old wine in a new bottle quite well and this will definitely make thrash maniacs happy.

01. The Raging Tides
02. Brand Of Evil
03. Catatonic
04. Sacred Defense
05. Welcome To Hellfire
06. Sinister Souls
07. Shadow Walker
08. There Will Always Be Blood
09. Dark Reflections
10. Death Factory
11. Forever My Queen (Pentagram cover; bonus track)
12. Hostage To Heaven (Grip Inc. cover; bonus track)


Ray Mensh – Guitars
Matthias Kassner – Drums
Mem Von Stein – Vocals, Bass
T. Schiavo – Bass
Marc Bräutigam – Guitars

Written By: Spiritcrusher