The much hyped Kolkata chapter of the Wacken Metal Battle is here again!

This time it will be held at VAULT Lounge Bar tomorrow, the 8th of June. The city’s heavy metal band Falcun will be headlining the event and their debut release ‘Kingdom Come’ will be played live for the first time in its full glory.
Apart from them, there will be four other bands: DeathLore, Chronic Xorn, Reciprocal and Astitva.
Be there to show your support.
RSVP here:

– Spirit Crusher


GIG REVIEW | Fistful Of Steel | Planet Caravan

So Fistful of Steel, the debut gig organized by Earth One Productions, took place last Saturday at Kolkata. It was a usual day in July with slight hints of rain and a group of metalheads gathered at the venue situated at Salt Lake for a day dedicated to metal.

The first band to take the stage was Vulgustrike and they kickstarted the gig with lots of energy. They did great covers like Sepultura’s “Screams Behind The Shadows” and an Exumer number that the crowd enjoyed a lot. Rest of their songs were originals. Although the band was tight as a whole, the drummer Sayak Bagchi stole the show with his killer rolls and blastbeats. Overall, I found the band giving a lot of Pantera vibes.

Up next were the death metallers Divide Torture who are already quite well-known in the scene. Denzil Davidson managed the guitar duties remarkably well in place of their old guitarist and the drummer Bob played with unbelievable speed and precision. Like in their previous gig just a few months back, this time also they covered Cancer’s “Hung, Drawn And Quartered” that sent the crowd into a headbanging spree. The band also played a few of their OCs including the new one “SNAFU”, and added a touch of humor by giving a tribute to their new guitarist in the form of playing Napalm Death’s “You Suffer.”

The next band Xplikator delivered a heavy dose of in your face old school thrash metal. Like I did for the first two bands, I have to give the drummer Chirantan a special mention here as well. Their OCs were appreciated a lot and so we’re their covers of iconic tracks like “Raining Blood”. Personally, I liked the performance of this act the most.  The death/thrash veterans Deadbolt were next in line. I have been watching Deadbolt performing since 2013 and they have indeed gotten better with time. Nilabja had been the usual great frontman that he is, and Denzil showed his mastery with the guitars here as well. They also did a splendid Sepultura cover (“Inner Self”).

Strangulate was insane as well. They were the only band who didn’t do any covers and just concentrated on their originals. They played most of the songs from their album ‘Catacombs Of Decay‘ released last year. The overall sound of the band was of very high standards. Finally the gig ended on a high note with the old timers Evil Conscience. There is performance doesn’t need much talking about. They have been putting up electrifying performances everywhere for quite a long time now. But, in this gig, their Necrophagist cover was the best among all of the songs they performed.

Overall the gig was a nice experience and the organizers did a great job with their first venture. However I did find the attendance a bit low but I guess things will be better with time.
Cheers to Earth One Productions for pulling off their debut gig so well!

– Spirit Crusher and The Scene Kid

The images used here have been provided by Arkadeep Deb and he reserves all the rights.

Fragarak Releases New Track

Experimental death metal band Fragarak from New Delhi, India released a new track from their upcoming second album just a few days back. A Spectral Oblivion‘ will be a 11-track concept album and the band has taken an “experimental approach to heavy metal” and the album.  They even got the Australian drummer Louis Rando (Impiety) to record for the album.

“In Rumination II – Reflections” is a 11-minute long track which has many progressive and melodic elements which makes it stand out from the conventional death metal bands. Particularly the guitars sound very well, from the heavy riffs to the acoustic parts.

Here’s a link where the album can be streamed:

These guys will be going on a seven city tour after releasing this album. They will be releasing the album at Kolkata Old School Metal Association’s seventh gig Strength of Steel II on the 20th of August at Triguna Sen Auditorium, Jadavpur University, Kolkata. They will be playing there alongside 6 of Kolkata’s great bands. Be there to witness some pure old school magic. Get your passes now!


Forged In Fire III: The Headliner | Kryptos

Well, less than two days are left for Forged In Fire III! And, now that we have covered all of the local bands, the time has come to talk about the headliner. KOSMA has been able to finally fulfill the long awaited dream of bringing Kryptos-undoubtedly one of the best old school heavy metal bands of India-to Kolkata.
Formed in 1998 by Nolan Lewis and Ganesh Krishnaswamy, the band has been hanging around the Indian metal scene for almost two decades, ‘evoking the true spirit of heavy metal the way it was always meant to be.’ Their sound has a strong blend of classic heavy metal bands like Priest and thrash bands like Kreator, and it has changed and evolved over their four albums.  They have supported some of the biggest names in heavy metal and toured Europe multiple times, and even played at Wacken Open Air (they are about to do it for the second time this year).


Photo Courtesy: AFM Records, Germany

They released their fourth album ‘Burn Up The Night’ under AFM Records, Germany just a few months back which has been widely acclaimed. We reviewed this album and you can read it here.

And, here’s how our conversation with Nolan about the band’s present and future turned out to be:

PC: You recently released ‘Burn Up The Night‘ which got numerous positive reviews. What are your thoughts on that?

Kryptos: It has been great so far. The overall reaction has been really positive. Sure, there are some who still prefer the aggression of our previous album, but most people who bought ‘Burn Up The Night‘ seem to really love it. The album’s been doing very well in Europe too; so things are good at the moment.

PC: What is Kryptos currently working on?

Kryptos: Nothing much. Just gearing up for a couple of gigs in Chennai and of course Kolkata. We’re really looking forward to that one!

PC: What are your future plans regarding albums and gigs? And how does it feel to be a part of Wacken Open Air for the second time?

Kryptos: We’re working on another European tour in the summer, and yeah it’s awesome to head back to Wacken again. That’s going to be fantastic. After that we’ll probably start writing again for the next album so it’s ready by mid 2018.

PC: I think Kryptos will be performing for the second time in Kolkata. What do you think about the metal scene of the city?

Kryptos: We had a blast the last time we played in Kolkata. There’s a really cool old school scene there and we get a lot of support from that side of the country. Plus, we have some good friends there who make sure we’re well taken care of .
And of course, the Kolkata scene has really good bands like Armament, Mortar, Deadbolt etc., so it’s always great to play there.

PC: What can we expect at the gig from Kryptos? And any message for your fans?

Kryptos: We’re just going to get out there and absolutely rage, and we’re going to drag everyone else along with us. We’ll put on a show that all the old school headbangers will remember for ages.To the fans we just have to say – Keep defending the faith. And don’t eat Five Star Chicken. It sucks. Haha!

So this is our last article regarding Forged In Fire III. We wish Kolkata Old School Metal Association all the very best for the gig! Everyone who can be in or around Kolkata do attend the show and provide some support to the local scene Passes will be available at the venue if you still haven’t got yours.

Cheers! Until next time!

Forged In Fire III: The Bands | Armament

How can you imagine gig organized by Kolkata Old School Metal Association (KOSMA) to not have Armament in the line up?  So, they are the fifth band to be interviewed by us for Forged In Fire III.

Armament was formed in 2011 by a few guys in Calcutta who had the vision of creating “raw, lightning-fast, no-bullshit thrash metal” and they have stood strong to it till now, making their mark in both the local and international metal scenes. They have been through a lot of hurdles over the five years, including a number of line-up changes but somehow that didn’t stop them from making music and performing.

Armament’s sound reminds us of the 80’s ‘evil’ thrash metal bands like Sodom, Destruction etc which are indeed their influences. These guys even had the chance of opening for Destruction when they visited India sometime around 2014. Almost all of the duties of the band have changed hands with the vocalist Indranil and bassist Sayan being the constant pillars. The band refers to their members as the Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse namely, “Death”, “Famine”, “War” and “Conquest” and loves to address the fans as “Warriors”. They have released one EP titled ‘First Strike’ till now under Transcending Obscurity, with great songs like “Gas Chamber”, “Chaos Prevails”, and are supposedly working on new material.

Our chat with Indranil went as follows:

PC:  So Armament recently turned five. How has the journey been?

Armament: Well, it’s been an experience filled with emotions to say the least. Having our brothers start a movement so brilliant to playing alongside the people you worship as gods, and both of us know who we are talking ‘bout here. Ha Ha! But yes, it’s been surreal.
Although all credits go to you folks out there, cause of whom the urge to get up there and play our hearts out has only increased from time. We can humbly admit that the band has served as a life lesson for each and every member who has been a part of this crusade. We were lucky to have played alongside and for some of the truest lovers of Old School music.

PC: What are you currently working on?

Armament: With the line-up more stable than ever, new monsters are being bred in the closet, bringing down half dead bodies from the shelves-bringing them to life- if you know what I mean. A brand new original will be on its way this weekend which we will be performing live for the first time.

PC: What are your future plans regarding releases and gigs?

Armament: Right now we are concentrating on creating more of the “forbidden thrash” for our listeners which hopefully could be ready in the form of a full length somewhere next year.

PC: How different is the Kolkata metal scene now from the time when you guys just started out?

Armament: The most positive part in these 5 years is to find a bunch of new faces every gig. Although, to the some extent, ego and approach has somewhere taken its effect in a few turns but it is true and undeniable that despite having a diverse music scene in Kolkata, especially in the Old School circuit, and the number of gigs happening round the year is the most consoling thing for a metalhead to find a bunch of guys trying to make a difference. And by this of course we are referring to the bands that have come up in these last five years. We have a feeling that this army will only grow in number.

PC: What can we expect at the gig from Armament?

Armament: It is always a pleasure playing in your own backyard in front of our people who has seen us through the years, especially when it comes to a KOSMA gig and sharing the stage with the might of Kryptos for the second time makes it more worthwhile. Also looking for decimating performances from the likes of Dreadhammer and Thrasher Boys from the Neighbourhood.
As for Armament, we are scheduled for worshipping the darkest side of Thrash Metal for the upcoming Forged in Fire III Gig. Do join us as we pay tribute to the likes of Quorthon and Cronos for the birth of Evil.
Also for all our crazy listeners, especially the ones who missed out on the last time we will be having our t-shirts or “Armours” as we like to call it, available at the gates. See ya fucks in the pit, hopefully bloodied.

Vocals – Indranil
Guitars – Vivek
Bass – Sayan
Drums – Subham

Spread the Hate.. \m/

Forged In Fire III: The Bands | The Neighborhood Thrashers

Cause I’m T.N.T., I’m dynamite”.

Yes, this article is about the young lads calling themselves T.N.T which is the abbreviation for The Neighborhood Thrashers. Formed in January 2016, they do a very decent job of ‘screaming’ about social and political issues through their music. They are the fourth band to be a part of KOSMA’s Forged In Fire III.
Imagine a raw thrash sound combined with elements of punk and crossover bands llike Nuclear Assault (T.N.T pull of an impressive cover of ‘Brainwashed’), D.R.I, Vio-Lence etc. and you’ll know how the band sounds like. They believe that “We’re all gonna die” and hence try to make the most of the time by talking about social degradation and a lot of other stuff through their music. The line-up comprises of four talented and very enthusiastic lads who call themselves Cazz Bhai, Assholeman, Anonymous and Straightedge. Till now, they have released jam videos of two originals ‘Hellhole’ and ‘Children Of The Trend.

Their first live performance was a hit in Calcutta Punk Society’s gig last year, but they have a long way to go in order to develop a tighter sound. But they sure are a band to look out for in Forged In Fire III. Our short conversation with the band went like this:

PC: What message do you want to convey through your music?

T.N.T: Don’t do drugs, always study, listen to your parents and let them arrange your marriage for you! Jokes aside, we don’t really aim to bash people’s choices or anything, it’s just that we like to talk about how full of shit we all are.

PC: What are your future plans?

T.N.T: We intend on working on more and more compositions and a full length in the coming year, and eventually dying due to liver failure.

PC: What can we expect at the gig from T.N.T?

T.N.T: You can expect pure energy, VIOLENCE, offensive humour and comic book references from us. No, honestly, we’ll thrash you up in a very compact manner. Don’t miss the gig!

Nirmalya – Bass
Abhirup – Yells
Subham – Banging
Aniruddha – Riffs

Forged In Fire III: The Bands | Blakhole

We guess you already know how wrong are people who say “Punk is dead.” And we have a band from our very own city who has been proving the above statement wrong since a long time. These guys call themselves Blakhole, and are the third to be interviewed by us prior to Forged In Fire III.
Blakhole was formed way back in 2011 and have remained very much underground. They did a few shows with an incomplete line-up(no bassist) and featured a bassist for the first time in Kolkata Old School Metal Association’s Strength Of Steel.  They have a pure punk sound influenced by the likes of Sex Pistols, The Clash etc. and sing about a variety of issues ranging from personal to political. However, they have frequent line-up changes, with Protyush being the only constant, and will be again performing with a couple of new faces in the upcoming gig. The bassist, who is also one of the support pillars of KOSMA, has also remained constant since 2015.

We had a very brief and concise chat with the entire band and got to know the following:

PC: What message do you want to convey through your music?

Blakhole: Like most punk bands, our lyrics are based on reality and introspection. From personal to political, we do want to say something about the issues that disturb us. We believe that the world can be a better, safer place and punk can do so by pointing out the problems and subsequently destroying the bad omens from the world through popular consensus.

PC: What are you guys currently working on?

Blakhole: Our line-up is brand new and we are working towards making Blakhole better than it ever was, while sticking to our roots and beliefs.

PC: Do you have any future plans?

Blakhole: We are writing new songs and plan to start recording them soon. If all goes well, we plan to put our debut album together by the end of this year. Other than that, there’s always the continuous plan of playing together and having fun at it, both on and off the stage.

PC: What can we expect at the gig from Blakhole?

Blakhole: Expect a fun time! Short, fast and to-the-point. Hopefully, we can propel everyone towards a very peaceful state of mind by the end of our set.

Guitar- DE Ath
Guitar- Dipanjan Dey
Drums- Swapnadeep Mukherjee
Bass- Somdatta Mazumdar
Vocals- Protyush Paul