+ MROME + – Noetic Collision on the Roof of Hell Review

Founded more than a decade back in 1995, +MROME+ the death/black metal project hailing from Poland came back from a hiatus in 2009 after almost a decade of silence. Playing a rhythmic style of metal experimentation that is not bound by any particular sub-genre, +MROME+ may not be your “classic” death/black metal band per se with their rhythmic style of experimentation makes them a unique listen, carving out their own style. + MROME + is all set to release their debut album Noetic Collision on the Roof of Hell. The album starts with the heavy and thundering ‘Colors’ with its rumbling bass and its insane hooks. The roughly 4 minute long song is a concoction of Death, Progressive and Sludge Metal, and the harsh vocals of Key V complements the song. The duo hailing from Poland certainly had me hooked. ‘Crush the Moon’ has more of a punkish Death Metal feel to it, with a catchy chorus. +MROME+ keeping things as different and interesting as possible may not be labeled into any strict genre and the next song proved me right. ‘Migration Cult’ has to be the most rhythmic with its groovy hooks and raspy vocals and a really catchy rock & roll vibe to the riffs. Breakdowns too. Man, they sure know how to mix things up. But I felt a certain lack of bass. The production is pretty polished but the bass I think they could have done better. The madness is followed up with a cover of Danzig’s ‘How the Gods Kill’ which an excellent cover is giving the song a whole new vibe. A dark moody guitar caresses the haunting vocals of Key V and certainly does the song justice.
Trust’ brings out more of the band’s Death n Roll side, with its heavy riffs. Whereas ‘Generation Anthem’ is punkish Black metal frenzy firing blazing riffs and pounding fierce beats. ‘Piss & Laugh’ exhibits a blacked doom guitar tune with Dark Metal influences. They go slow on this one, with throaty vocals and a low tuned dark atmosphere. At this point of the album, you’ll realize that calling +MROME+ just as Death or Black Metal with elements of Punk, Ambient Dark Metal nicely crafted in bits and pieces. More like each song is a different album, and showcases their musical range and capabilities. An unexpected but great cover of Danzig’s How the Gods Kill change things up before the middle of the album delivers hard hitting, pit-inducing metal with Trust, rocking rhythm with Generation Anthem & sombre tones with Piss & Laugh. The next song, of this 10 song album, ‘Locust Follows Word’ presents a fast paced intro followed by a groovy bass hook and is followed by ‘Magister Figurae Morte’, which is a strong concoction of energetic riffs and pounding drums. The Arsonist closes the album majestically, generating a high-end feast of hellish music with a climatic ending. ‘The Arsonist’ is the longest song of the album and the most progressive and expansive sounding track without a doubt. The Arsonist closes off an excellent debut record for the Polish duo of Key V and P, Noetic Collision on the Roof of Hell”, is a 10-track bundle of surprises that is a true amalgamation of various styles of metal that take influence from so many different places that it’s fruitless to label them to a particular genre. Few bands try that, and even fewer bands manage to put out such a record, that too a debut. Power to them, and don’t try to search them up on Facebook, they are too kvlt for that.
Written By: The Scene Kid

Loathfinder – The Great Tired Ones Review | Planet Caravan

Godz Ov War Productions are about to release the debut EP of a band called Loathfinder in April. They are a blackened doom act from Poland, and we just received an advanced promotional copy of ‘The Great Tired Ones’ from the label to review.

Before I go into the tracks of this EP, the first thing that I liked about this album is the fascinating cover art which has been done by Robert A. von Ritter (Outre, Diabolizer, Witchmaster) with the design and colours being the creations of Maciej Kamuda (Nekrofilth, Kingdom, Ectovoid). The mixing and mastering on this has been done by Haldor Grunberg of Satanic Audio (Azarath, Thaw, Blaze Of Perdition).
The very first track itself establishes the slow morbid death/doom metal sound of the EP. The gainy riff has a bit of stoner doom influences of the likes of Sleep and Electric Wizard and the vocals sound along the lines of Obituary’s Tardy. The melodies and the melancholy guitar interludes add a different flavor to the song. The next track “Feast On My Entrails” goes a bit more aggressive and the tempo changes are really good.

“Scents Of Regression” begins with a pounding bass intro and has a oppressive atmoshphere throughtout the riffs. The vocals are also tighter in this one and needless to say this one’s my favourite track from this record. The EP ends with the title track which has a very eerie intro and has melodic guitar interludes like the first song. The guitar works reach a new level here and the melodies have been perfectly placed alongside the riffs.

Overall this is a typical blackened doom sound with the band not going into any ‘experiments’ at all. But they have done a very decent job with the music and the mixing. This is likely to appeal a lot to the old school crowd.

Written by – Spirit Crusher

Ljosazabojstwa – Staražytnaje licha Review

A dark grim reaper sitting down or unmoving in a field of grass, and a half shown moon in a cloud filled dark sky- if the demo cover isn’t enough to give you the shivers, then surely the songs will.

The band has its root from Belarus and is underground as anything.  Staražytnaje licha is the 2015 demo release by the band and it kicks major ass in the blackened death metal music.

The drumming in the album is just raw and insane. I couldn’t be happier than this blast filled, unadulterated drumming. The demo has 4 songs: and it begins with a nine minute long song: blast of drums, growl of vocals, and a flourish of trumpets in the midway of the song. The guitar is distorted and dropped down, and can I just say the riffs are monstrous? The song ends with a soothing arpeggio.


“Staražytnaje licha” is the next track and the title track of the demo and the blast and fury of guitar and drums follows on as usual. “Kamunija ahniom” is a personal favorite track of the whole demo. Too bad the lyrics are in Native language, and isn’t in English. The songs just speaking from the musical composition point of view are dense, dark, complicated and fucking brilliant!

This is one of the best black/ death metal demos that came out recently and should be a must listen for any extreme metal fan out there. So what are you waiting for?


Write By: Disambrae