Paradox – Heresy Review

Heresy” is one of the defining albums of the 80s era. This album released in 1989 by the band hailing from Germany called “Paradox” is one of the best concept albums ever to be released. The album preaches a conceptual story of 13th century Roman Catholic crusades.

The album brilliantly begins with a flash of thunderstorm and an acoustic piece with the title track. A classic heavy/ thrash metal riff soon takes over and bring out an instant headbanger in you. The songwriting of Peter and Nigel Vogt should be of special mention. The album moves on to the second track of the album, “Search for Perfection”, another blend of heavy metal riff, and a solo, which leaves you asking for more of it, and “Paradox” doesn’t disappoint you, with “Killtime”, the third track of the album. Probably one of the best intros written in this album, and with the shouts of Charly Steinhauer soon taking over, one simply cannot ask for any more. The halfway mark of the album happens with a four minute twenty seven seconds track called “Crusaders Revenge”.




Side B of the album begins with another wonderful acoustic intro and soon gives way to the gritty, dark, riff that is found throughout the album, another definitive solo on this particular track really enhances the quality of the musicianship that is found throughout the album. Three tracks down the line and some of the best and classic riffs throughout the album, slow down to another acoustic outro and a flash of thunderstorm again, called “Castle in the Wind”. The drumming by Axel Blaha should be of special mention.

Overall “Heresy” is one of the classic concept albums ever to be produced in the history of heavy/ thrash metal. The band showed excellent musicianship both in the lyrical and composition aspect. This makes “Heresy” a must listen to any of the metal maniacs out there.

Associated acts/ listen: Brain Damage, Outloud, Vicious Rumors

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Written by: Dessembrae


Thrash Metal Maniacs: Surtur Interview

Surtur is a Dhaka based old school thrash metal band that blew not only the Asian underground metal scene but the world underground metal scene by a storm With their recently released extended play called Descendant Of Time And believe my words, what a sick album it is!

This band will slay every tharsh metal lover with their intense thrashing auditory assault!



We Recently took their interview & here it is!


First of all Hails From India! I’d like to congratulate you guys for making such a killer EP!

How are things these days?

Everything’s great over here, thanks for asking.

How do you guys come up with this band name?
We wanted to create a portrait of fire and glory. Then our vocalist, Riasat, who’s very interested in mythological characters, came up with the name. The name Surtur comes from a Nordic fire demon who represents an earthburning character. We thought it suits perfect for our kind of aggressive music.

What was the main driving force behind forming a band?

The idea was to spill the bloodthirsty tempo of revolt all around coming out of a mind in mayhem. Yes, I am talking about sheer fury, the utter hatred and being on a escape route from all the bullshit. This was the driving force to form this band.

So tell us a little bit about the band influences and lyrical content?

We like to play energetic  music that is faster than fury to push all the limits of sanity. Drawn the influences from 80’s/90’s like Sepultura, Sadus, Merciless to name a few. Speaking of lyrics, we make a stand against the oppressors, we want to crush’em down with our music. Sometimes we end up putting our self induced fantasy into our lyrics to breathe for a while so that we can fill the void with more of insanity. Our lyrical ambition is limitless.

How passionate are people in Bangladesh about cricket?

(Laughing) Yeah. People are quite passionate here about it. This is increasing as our national team has been doing great in recent times. The team is something we’re all proud about.

 Any record label that are willing to sign you guys?

Yes, we have already got a few offers, but we are looking for a perfect one. Probably,we have got one too. We’ll be revealing it soon when the time will come.

Dhaka is going through a lots of political unrest, bloggers are being killed, any views on it?

As a band, we are trying to raise our voices against anything that is wrong and unjust. No matter how violent our music is, we don’t believe in killings of innocents which are unjustified. The violence in our music is an effort to ignite the flame against all this bullshit. So, we don’t support these bullshit agendas at all.

What change would you like so see in the future metal scene of Bangladesh?

We’d definitely want to see the great bands we have here to get more international recognition. Also, it’d be in our liking if we see new bands coming up with great materials, mind you we are a new band ourselves. There is a lot of untapped and hidden jewels scattered in this metal scene, which is to be discovered by the world. We’d definitely like to see more extreme metal gigs being organized around here too, so that the bands get the necessary exposure.

What would be your top 5 thrash metal albums post 2000?

It’s pretty hard to pick top 5. There are so many amazing albums out there.

Any plans of touring India?

Yeah, definitely. If organizers invite us for playing gigs there, it’ll be very pleasant for us to tour in India.

Thank you for your time. Any last words?

A line from an unreleased track of ours, “Thrash ’em down the garbage disposal.”


Surtur Is –

Riasat Azmi (Vocals)

Shadman Omee (Guitars)

Masnun Efaz (Bass)

Rifat Rafi (Drums)


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